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Tuya & Launch a Global Partnership for CIoT Evolution

Through their partnership, Tuya and, Offer an Unparalleled Solution that Enables Consumer Electronic Brands to Transform Products to Smart Devices and Engage with Customers to increase the customer life time value.
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Today, two leaders in CIoT innovation have announced their partnership to enable a full circle transformation for consumer electronic brands to quickly “smartify” their products on the Tuya IoT development platform and gain consumer conversional intelligence by

This strategic partnership comes in a time where consumer electronic brands realize that their customers relationships must be extended beyond the transaction point in order for their brands to scale or even survive. A great way to do it effectively is with the right connected technology.

Ultimately, the goal of this partnership is to enable brands to seamlessly gain their consumer insights in real-time and deliver actionable and frictionless interactions as a result. These modern day brand must haves can now be achieved by deploying Tuya’s solution into a product and app and leverage’s ability to gain instant insight from the device and capitalize on it via effective communication channels that includes in app messaging and more.

The outcome of this process is critical. Brands can now enjoy the benefits of increasing successful onboarding rates, improving online product and app store rates, reducing product returns, and increasing sales of new products and accessories.

The Tuya and partnership enable such brands to have a simplified, unified solution that makes their journey to transition their brands painless and effective.

One of the companies who experienced first hand the benefits of this partnership is Tzumi Electornics. Avi Benhamu, Tzumi’s COO stated: “We used to think of our customers’ interactions by measuring  the monetary transactions as our primary KPI for growth. However, once we realized the true power that Tuya and brought to us, we realized that our biggest asset is our customer base. The data we have and our ability to engage our customers in such a targeted way, expanded our business opportunities far more than we originally imagined. Now, we realize the engagement power these tools are delivering to our brand.”

“Devices and Customers are constantly speaking to each other. The question is, do you as a brand pay attention to what they say. It’s one thing to deploy a smart product. It’s a whole other thing to communicate with your audience in a smart way. That is the secret sauce to this partnership.” Zvi Frank, CEO

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