Twenty West Teams with Algocog AI

Partnership bridges the gap for small to medium businesses and AI technology

The challenging times of the past two years have seen small to medium sized businesses scrambling to streamline costs while at the same time improving their outreach to existing and potential new clients. The addition of Algocog AI and their chatbot AI platforms to the existing consumer-level products offered by Twenty West makes technology available to small and medium businesses that has historically been exclusive to corporate giants.

The announced partnership begins immediately, and will see Algocog’s AI integrated with Twenty West’s existing products and platforms. After the next few months of exploring customer needs, the tandem will launch new products at the end of Q2 2022, geared towards bridging the gap and maintaining scalability.

Twenty West is fired up to offer these new products, specifically chabot AI to customers, leveling the playing field for small and medium businesses, and looks forward to being the industry leader in AI offerings to their customers.

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