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Twitter to acquire CrossInstall for boosting performance offering

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The social networking and microblogging giant, Twitter is all set to acquire the mobile advertising company CrossInstall for an amount that hasn’t been disclosed as of yet. This is an attempt by the networking site for bolstering its performance advertising offering. This martech news was revealed by the Revenue Product Lead of Twitter, Bruce Falck.

Bruce stated that the extremely talented team of CrossInstall will bring on board a deep knowledge of user acquisition strategies and performance advertising that will help in accelerating the advertising product roadmap of Twitter in 2020 and beyond that too.

He also stated that the company believes that this step of acquisition will further be increasing the value of MoPub to developers of mobile applications, which is another critical part of their organization’s business.

CrossInstall in its own blog post spoke about this acquisition and stated that this was a major milestone for everyone – the founders, the employees of the company as well the company’s network of developers and designers across the world and most importantly its advertisers.

This company was founded almost eight years ago, keeping in focus the aim of the creation of a world-class programmatic advertising platform. The blog post also stated the concept of the playable ad was not really known to many and the term ‘programmatic’ was being used still, by each platform of ads, even though only a few in mobile knew the actual meaning of the same.
Eight years in the industry and now the company provides employment to around 70 employees across 5 different offices and has also acquired a world-class roster of advertisers.

Both companies together will be seen working on the expansion of the reach of Twitter into all areas of performance advertising and app installs alongside increasing the value offered by MoPub to developers of mobile applications.

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