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Typeform Announces Disruptive AI-Powered Form Builder ‘Formless’

Formless is the newest product to come out of Typeform Labs, Typeform’s innovation center dedicated to harnessing the power of AI to develop groundbreaking tools that enhance online experiences

Typeform, the intuitive form-builder and conversational data collection platform, today announced the launch of Formless, an AI form builder powered by leading AI systems from OpenAI, including GPT-4, that can build a form in minutes and aggregate data based on a brief description provided by the creator. Formless is the latest tool to come out of Typeform Labs, Typeform’s dedicated team focused on innovation and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create human-centered web experiences.

From the beginning, Typeform has been focused on building personal and human-like technology to help businesses authentically connect with their customers via well-designed, conversational forms, and Formless builds upon that core offering. The true value of Formless is that it helps brands to easily create on-brand forms in a fraction of the time that enable more natural, human-like conversations at scale, while collecting structured data and enabling endless AI-powered workflows. Not only does Formless create a seamless extension of a brand’s visual identity, but it can also construct dynamic profiles of respondents.

“The magic of Formless is that we make it ten times easier to make delightful and extremely powerful form experiences that don’t look like a form your customers have ever seen; yet can do complicated computation, conditionals, and routing,” said David Okuniev, co-founder of Typeform and Head of Typeform Labs. “The output will match any structure you impose and our sophisticated AI-driven natural language analysis will be your secret weapon to creating truly actionable knowledge. It literally takes a few minutes for creators, we do most of the heavy lifting.”

Typeform Labs aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in an incubator-like setting by building disruptive tools like Formless. In addition to Formless, Typeform Labs will focus on building additional groundbreaking products and features that will revolutionize the way people interact at work and for work. Initial innovative products that have already emerged from Typeform Labs include Holler and VideoAsk.

  • Holler (experimental, in beta) allows users to create simple surveys that ask one question at a time and flow as a typical conversation would. Subsequent questions are based on conditional logic and keywords predetermined by the survey creator. Holler is suitable for short consumer and workforce surveys.
  • VideoAsk (commercially available) allows users to video record themselves asking questions to scale face-to-face interactions. VideoAsk uses conditional logic, and offers multiple response options (video, audio or text) to make the conversation seamless.

“We’re at a critical juncture in the software business with the rise of competent commercially available artificial intelligence. Our team has been increasingly building expertise in using AI techniques for various efforts over the last two years,” said Oji Udezue, Chief Product Officer of Typeform. “Given the recent monumental advances in this area, we’re doubling down on our focus and pace with an intent to disrupt even ourselves, to increase value to our customers and, in turn, their customers.”

Formless will be commercially available soon. To learn more about Formless and how it helps brands connect, listen, and learn, please visit For more information about Typeform Labs, and to sign up for updates and opportunities to join the beta for upcoming products, please visit

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