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Uber Ads partners exclusively with T-Mobile Ads Solutions

Uber’s JourneyTV Advertising Surface will Expand to Over 50,000 Screens Inviting Advertisers to Join In On the Ride
Uber Ads

Today, Uber’s advertising division announced an exclusive partnership with T-Mobile Advertising Solutions and its rideshare media network – Octopus Interactive – which features the largest national network of interactive video screens inside rideshare vehicles. Through this partnership, Uber will leverage a portion of T-Mobile’s rideshare inventory to expand Uber’s JourneyTV offering to over 50,000 vehicles across the US this year, providing advertisers an entirely new opportunity to connect with Uber riders when they’re most likely to engage.

As part of the partnership, T-Mobile screens will display Uber’s JourneyTV rider experience when an Uber trip is underway. JourneyTV shows a live trip map with ETA until drop off, personalized recommendations on restaurants near the trip destination, travel inspiration ideas and local activities to enjoy, as well as highly relevant video, interactive and other ads driven by Uber’s first party data insights.

Advertisers and riders alike benefit from the unique ride experience. To date, advertisements from Uber’s own video screens have seen a 98% completion rate. In addition, riders are seeing the value in those ads, with new research from MAGNA and Uber showing 74% of people express an interest in taking advantage of an offer displayed during a trip and around 7 in 10 riders view ads as an enhancement to their ride. For advertisers, JourneyTV provides a unique opportunity to reach Uber riders on the largest screen in the car during a trip, with content that is uniquely relevant to their key audiences.

“As advertisers continue to look for ways to find consumers at the right moment, this partnership with T-Mobile gives them the unique opportunity to literally sit in the back seat with the people they want to reach most,” said Gil Schwartz, General Manager JourneyTV, Uber advertising. “JourneyTV delivers a new CTV channel to reach a younger, high-income audience that is tech-inclined, savvy and more likely to consume and engage with video and interactive content.”

Now, advertisers will be able to take advantage of the insights, geo-targeting and reach made possible through Uber’s scale and first-party data, alongside T-Mobile’s comprehensive rideshare network of screens to execute tailored campaigns that reach a range of highly engaged consumers and provide them a unique and relevant ad experience.

“At T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, everything we do is focused on creating more meaningful connections between advertisers and consumers,” said JP Colaco, SVP & Chief T-Ads Officer, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. “We continue to expand our Digital Out of Home solutions, helping brands have unmatched tools to connect with their audiences at the right time with the right messages. This drives their businesses forward and enhances customer experiences, including Uber rides. We’re thrilled that Uber and JourneyTV are leveraging a significant portion of our rideshare video screens to deliver a unique experience for both riders and advertisers.”

Advertisers looking to join in on the ride, can go to for more information.

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