UniComm Media Group Partners with Influential

Influential will connect brands with Hispanic creators as the official marketing partner of UMG
UniComm Media

Influential, the world’s largest influencer marketing company by revenue, today announced a partnership with UniComm Media Group (UMG), a Hispanic-owned agency that helps brands craft creative to reach Hispanic audiences through deep cultural knowledge and insights. The partnership will enable brands to leverage UMG’s multi-step creative ideation process and Influential’s best-in-class influencer marketing tools to ensure that content resonates with Hispanic consumers.

Influential, is an AI-powered Social Intelligence platform (backed by IBM Watson) with massive platform partnerships with TikTok, Instagram and more. The company creates opportunities for its user base of over 3+ million influencers to connect with huge Fortune 1000 brand partners like McDonald’s, NBA, NFL, Pepsi, and more. The partnership with UMG aims to increase content from diverse creators that will scale and deliver higher engagement and purchase intent among relevant segments

UMG is a full-service marketing and advertising consulting firm in Greenville, SC. The company’s client base is wide-ranging, but its specialty is in the Hispanic Market. The Hispanic market responds to different mediums and promotional strategies. From nuances within the Spanish language to the unique ways the Hispanic market responds to a company’s marketing efforts, each detail influences a company’s marketing campaign. UMG understands these complex details. The company is uniquely positioned and in tune with what makes the Hispanic market react to a marketing campaign.

“Multicultural means multidimensional,” said Ramon Nieves Principal, CEO at UMG. “The Hispanic market is expected to grow by over 60% in the next 20 years. Through our relationship with Influential, we can leverage the accelerated growth of the Hispanic community and create a space where we will see more engagement through meaningful, diverse content.”

This partnership between Influential and UMG comes at an important time when the social media use of the Hispanic audience has never been higher. According to eMarketer, 79% of U.S. Hispanic adults have spent an additional two or more hours on social media than they did prior to the pandemic. Combined with U.S. Hispanics’ annual buying power expected to exceed $2.5 trillion in the next two years, it is vital to create diverse content to engage with Hispanic audiences.

“As the largest influencer marketing company, our long-held belief at Influential is that we have a responsibility to champion diversity in the social media ecosystem,” adds Latarria Coy, Head of Ethical Media at Influential. “This partnership with UMG will give the Hispanic community the representation that they have been looking for in the content they consume.”

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