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Uniform Launches MACH Start to Accelerate MACH Architecture Adoption


Uniform, a leader in digital experience management, has announced the launch of MACH Start, a new offering designed to help brands quickly and effectively adopt MACH architecture for their digital experiences. MACH Start provides a foundational framework that connects to preferred content, data, and technologies.

A survey from the MACH Alliance highlights the significance of this approach, with 91% of IT decision-makers stating that MACH and composable technologies will be crucial to their organization’s success within the next five years.

Brands increasingly turn to MACH technologies—microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless systems—to build modular digital experience stacks. The flexibility of MACH architecture allows brands to select the best tools for their needs, accelerating their digital transformation.

“While MACH offers clear business benefits, many brands find the path to adoption unclear,” said Lars Petersen, CEO and co-founder of Uniform. “Brands often rely on custom development or agency accelerators for integrating MACH technologies. These methods can limit the composability of the tech stack, restrict integration with only a few select technologies, and sideline business users who lack a unified tool to create and manage digital experiences without coding.”

Uniform MACH Start simplifies the journey to MACH architecture, enabling brands to achieve their first deployment within weeks. Key features include:

  • CMS: Create content or connect to existing sources.
  • Visual Workspace: Allows business users to design and manage digital experiences across channels.
  • A/B Testing and Personalization: Optimize components with edge technology for peak performance.
  • Pre-built Integrations: Access over 40 integrations across DAM, PIM, CMS, Commerce, AI, Search, CDP, and CDN solutions.
  • Design System: Utilizes leading front-end technology with over 50 performance-optimized components adaptable to brand guidelines.

“MACH Start offers a scalable foundation that integrates with any new or existing technology, minimizing the need for custom glue code and providing a turnkey solution for harnessing the business benefits of MACH,” added Petersen.

MACH Start is available now. Interested parties can experience a live demo at the MACH 3 conference in New York CityJune 17-18, or learn more at

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