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US Agency Awards Crowns Wpromote Innovative Agency of the Year

The win spotlights the value of Polaris, Wpromote's unique proprietary technology

Wpromote was named Innovative Agency of the Year at the US Agency Awards last week. Judges recognized the significant advances Wpromote has made since launching their proprietary marketing platform Polaris late last year.

Polaris was built as a true enterprise-grade SaaS platform by an in-house R&D team under experienced software leader Paul Dumais, Wpromote’s CTO. That represented a major differentiator for Wpromote in the market, particularly as an independent agency.

Dumais explained why Polaris is such a critical part of Wpromote’s value proposition: “Our ability to integrate data across many different sources that our clients and experts can trust, then democratize data science for our teams so more people can access advanced capabilities is what differentiates us from the competition. That’s even more important as we’ve moved deeper into the enterprise market and work with businesses with extremely complex data needs and multi-channel marketing strategies.”

The challenges of data deprecation loom large for marketers as the industry has shifted to embrace privacy, and Polaris was created to bring the competitive advantages of data science-driven insights to Wpromote’s entire book of business, establish lasting data resilience through privacy-compliant solutions, and futureproof performance through continuous development of new solutions, applications, and integrations with other tech.

Key to this win was proof of concept around Polaris’ initial promise. Since launch, Wpromote’s R&D teams have grown by 168% and 30+ data sources have been integrated into the platform. Polaris is now in use across Wpromote’s entire client roster, and more advanced functions and analyses are now widely available.

That includes Growth Planner, an agile, privacy-resilient, and statistically rigorous high velocity media mix model (MMM) that forecasts returns across all paid media and offline channels so Wpromote’s media strategy and marketing science experts can work together to create actionable plans to optimize budget investment or achieve a target revenue goal.

“Growth Planner equips our media strategy group with a dynamic way to scenario plan so we can bring a unique level of predictability to performance based on varying investment levels,” said Wpromote’s Head of Media Strategy Sammy Frankel Rubin. “We are thinking strategically about how to help clients achieve their North Star goals, and Growth Planner helps us understand the cross-channel impact of our integrated media planning, as well as identify and close gaps to ensure clients are positioned to end the year on target.”

Wpromote’s R&D teams continue to refine the Growth Planner model, including running continuous incrementality tests to ensure the model’s media forecast is accurate. Rubin’s Media Strategy team is also still exploring how Growth Planner can unlock even more advantages for clients. “Even more exciting are some of the alternative use cases that are major differentiators for an agency managing full-funnel media for clients, like zeroing in on how far in advance of peak periods we should be planning for awareness media to maximize conversion potential,” Frankel Ruben shared.

Wpromote noted that Growth Planner is now guiding over $1B of paid media investment allocation and supporting over $3B in revenue generation, and is currently being rolled out to all client tier levels.

This is the second award specifically for innovation for Wpromote in 2022 after earning a win from Campaign US as Digital Innovation Agency of the Year.

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