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US based marketing automation provider Aprimo updates it Agile Marketing Solution

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Aprimo, the marketing automation solutions developer and provider, and industry leader of work management and digital asset management software has announced the launch of updated and enhanced features to its Agile Marketing Solution.

Aprimo is known for providing digital solutions for operations, content and performance to enable the organizations to optimize and enhance their brand experiences and related resources used for their delivery. The governing and streamlining of all the BTS activities gives the organizations an added competitive advantage. The agile marketing solution of the company will now enable the marketers in identification and resolving of bottlenecks faster, producing high-quality work inline with the marketing objectives of the companies, delivering content regularly on time, and changing gears in less time as the market or competition changes.

Ed Beault, CMO of Aprimo stated that there has been quite an extreme rise in the customer demands and new marketing channels over the last decade. This means that it is significantly imperative for marketers to be capable of creating a brand positive brand experience continuously but a difficult task to perform. This is when Agile Marketing comes into the picture, it is supported by technology at its core and together they provide the best path for marketers for delivering fast, effective and consistent experience to the customers while addressing those challenges across all channels martech news.

The new features of the Agile Marketing Solution of Aprimo involve-

  •         Work Request Portal- one place to route all requests
  •         Sprint Views- organizes current tasks by sprints
  •         Updated drag and drop Workflow designer- AI-powered workflow templates
  •         The Agile Board- intuitive dashboard, Kanban style
  •         Project OneView- create and manage simple projects quickly

The updated solution makes the teams more action-oriented and nimble alongside enabling them to give responses in real-time to the dynamic situations and conditions across channels of marketing. The martech field is accepting of such solutions and enhancements. To know more about such updates from the field of martech, follow the martech cube. Martech cube delivers content in several forms relating to the martech industry.

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