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USADATA Announces Go Digital Fast Process to Support Businesses

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USADATA, a leading provider of digital marketing and data services, announced the offering of their Go Digital Fast process to help businesses adapt to the COVID-19 environment. Go Digital Fast is a consultative process offering free data and digital marketing recommendations designed to help businesses still closed, or re-opening, with tactics to generate revenue in a quick, efficient, and measurable way.

Go Digital Fast starts with a free 20-minute consultation to understand a business’ current status, goals, and any current obstacles the company may be facing. After this session, if applicable, USADATA will then provide the business with a roadmap of recommended solutions. Businesses interested in discussing USADATA’s roadmap recommendations will receive a $200 Amazon gift card for joining their team on a video call to review them together.

“It’s a challenging time for businesses everywhere. We want to help as many as we can navigate this difficult time with data and digital solutions to help generate revenue, improve efficiencies, and lower costs,” said Jon Rapkin, General Manager at USADATA. “Our entire team of Data, Digital, and Technology experts is ready to help,” added Rapkin.

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