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UserTesting Announces New Features to Interpret Customer Feedback

Latest innovations include instant insight, path filter, an expansion of intent path, preview for mobile and more
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UserTesting, Inc. (“UserTesting”), a leading provider of human insight, delivered through a video-first enterprise SaaS platform, announced new capabilities designed to enable organizations to quickly and easily gather and analyze customer feedback with increased confidence. These new features help organizations gain a deeper understanding of diverse customer perspectives so they can get to the moments that matter faster and make better business decisions using human insight.

With UserTesting’s latest release, companies can now:

Evaluate and interpret feedback more easily

Building on UserTesting’s purpose-built machine learning models, instant insight helps organizations identify key moments faster by automatically surfacing interesting patterns, trends, and anomalies for tasked-based questions. Insights are generated by evaluating across behavioral metrics, intent, and sentiment data simultaneously, helping identify insights that would otherwise be hard to detect. Users can share these insights with colleagues and stakeholders to drive product development and make better business decisions.

With UserTesting, users can observe the paths that people take when they go through experiences and hear their thoughts out loud. UserTesting’s path filter feature enables users to quickly focus on specific behaviors using a powerful search capability that hones in on results for web pages, intents, and sentiments. A newly enhanced intent path function detects more than 100 of the most common behaviors based on how contributors interact with web-based experiences. The intents and behaviors are then visualized on a path flow, highlighting critical moments of interactions as people complete tasks, helping save time during analysis.

Quickly capture feedback with increased confidence

UserTesting continues to make it easier to test with your customers, partners, employees, and audiences. With build-your-own test invitations, companies can customize and brand the test experience, which helps to increase engagement from contributors in their custom networks.

UserTesting’s preview for mobile provides full visibility into the test experience from the contributor perspective–allowing test creators to confirm all tasks and instructions are accurate, all links and assets render correctly, and to validate that tests are sound before launching the test. Additionally, with the new template preview, users can see all test tasks and questions before selecting a template giving them the confidence to launch a test quickly.

“We are constantly striving to make it easier for companies to incorporate human insight across all of the experiences they deliver, with greater ease and efficiency,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. “Each and every one of these innovations has been designed to enable companies to gain insights into their customers’ perspectives with greater clarity and efficiency. We strive to make empathy easier to scale for any organization looking to deliver customer experiences.”

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