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Ushur announces integration listing on Salesforce AppExchange


Ushur today announced its certified integration listing on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers in financial services, insurance and healthcare enterprises to design and deploy automated, personalized self-service on its Customer Experience Automation platform. Ushur uses a no-code approach to empower non-technical users to design AI-driven customer experiences that engage on any channel, slashing development time and management costs. The Ushur platform is now easier than ever for IT teams to integrate with, and provide closely governed access to, enterprise Salesforce instances.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, Ushur is currently on AppExchange. Deployments now surface critical customer data from enterprise CRMs to make each customer experience all the more relevant, hyper-personalized and useful. Additionally, Ushur’s no-code integration makes it point-and-click easy for IT departments to integrate Ushur’s CXA cloud and develop the high-quality customer experience that can be the difference between retaining and losing customers.

“Salesforce has become part of the standard enterprise stack across a wide range of applications”, said Simha Sadasiva, CEO and co-founder of Ushur. “Through this collaboration, Ushur and Salesforce are extending the capability of any enterprise stack to include a powerful system of intelligence to drive digital customer experiences at scale. At Ushur, a superior customer experience is always our north star as we leverage AI, automation and no-code to bridge the gap between the front-office customer engagements and the back-office knowledge work — all in a single platform.”

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