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V12, a Porch Group Company, Publishes 2022 New Mover Trends Report

V12 Identifies New Opportunities for Brands to Engage Movers Across the Move Journey 90% of New Movers Willing to Try New Brands for Moving Goods and Services

V12, an audience and marketing solutions provider and subsidiary of Porch Group (NASDAQ: PRCH), today released a report detailing 2022 new mover trends. The study explores the state of today’s movers and uncovers valuable opportunities for brands to reach a lucrative audience of consumers who are actively spending.

The 2022 New Mover Trends Report was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of V12. This study was conducted between June 21 and July 1, 2022, and surveyed 1,009 adults ages 18+ in the United States who have moved over the past 12 months or are planning to move in the next three months.

“Movers are a highly lucrative audience across numerous categories,” said Michelle Taves, Group GM of Porch Marketing and General Manager of V12.  “Traditionally, mover marketing has focused on post-move data and engaging movers after their move. It’s time to modernize mover marketing by targeting consumers with omnichannel and digital programs much earlier in the move cycle when consumers make most of their move-related purchase decisions. V12’s MoverTech suite of mover marketing audience and media solutions are designed to do just that.”

The report features an in-depth overview of today’s mover, revealing the profile of the modern mover and how much they spend along with home improvement trends. Key findings include:

  • Half or more of new movers did/anticipate will do research for moving services (51%) and home insurance (50%) before their most recent move/before their next move.
  • When it comes to the items and services new movers paid for/anticipate they will pay for during the process of their move, nearly three quarters (72%) say they did so prior to the move. While 44% report they did so/anticipate they will do so after the move.
  • 90% of new movers stated they would likely try a new brand or company for any items or services – specifically for internet (35%), furniture/home décor (34%), cable/streaming service(s) (30%), and appliances (29%).
  • Around two-thirds of new movers (65%) report they would be likely to make a purchase through an ad they saw while using a search engine. Roughly three of every five new movers would also likely be influenced to make a purchase based on an ad they saw while using social media (62%) or using a search engine (61%). Further, more than half (58%) would be likely to make a purchase through an ad they saw while using social media.
  • Additionally, more than half of new movers (56%) report they have ever actually made a purchase through a social media ad.
  • Home improvement projects rank high on the priority list for new movers, with more than two-thirds of new movers (68%) saying they are doing/planning to do/have already done home improvement project(s) in their home – with painting (42%) topping the list. A third (33%) also report doing/planning to do/have already done landscaping, redecorating, bathroom remodeling, and/or updating flooring.

Taves suggested, “Our study revealed that 90% of new movers are likely to try new brands or companies for their products and services. This highlights the massive opportunity in front of brands to lead with their acquisition efforts to actively engage an audience open to trying new brands.  Equally as important, this is when companies should focus on retention efforts to keep consumers who may be in danger of defecting.”

The report also showcases how brands can adjust their marketing efforts based on the findings to better engage movers before, during, and after their move, including:

  • Why marketers should engage movers early in the move cycle when consumers are researching and making purchase decisions for many products and services for their new home,
  • The importance of having a strong digital presence to engage movers early in the research process,
  • And how to successfully use different types of marketing data, such as insights into life events and purchase intent, to reach movers with personalized messaging.

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