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V12 Launches V12 Signals WebID

V12 Launches V12 Signals WebID
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V12, a leading provider of purchase intent insight and marketing services, today announced the launch of V12 Signals WebID, a solution that identifies and reaches up to 50% of website visitors through omnichannel campaigns. The solution is part of the V12 Signals suite of products, a set of proprietary technologies which connect brands to in-market shoppers martech news.

Leveraging ID graph technology and V12’s broad catalog of consumer data assets, marketers can now market to a greater number of consumers visiting their site. V12 Signals WebID helps marketers communicate directly with 50+% more visitors to that marketer’s site by providing marketers with actionable insight and identification. Once these consumers are identified, marketing campaigns are seamlessly deployed across email, direct mail, and social through V12’s omnichannel agency services martech.

“Visitors to a brand’s website are often consumers with a high intent to purchase. However, up until now, many of these active purchase intenders could only be identified if they engaged with the brand or through anonymous retargeting technology” said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12.  “The technology now exists where we can monetize web traffic into known consumer identities and market to undecided shoppers across multiple channels with personalized communications. Especially in today’s tough business environment, this is a huge opportunity for brands who need to act swiftly and engage with consumers before the opportunity is lost customer experience services.”

In addition to V12 Signals WebID, the full suite of V12 Signals technology includes:

  • V12 Signals Mobile: Brands can reach shoppers who have recently visited their store or a competitor’s location.
  • V12 Signals Online: Brands can reach consumers who are actively browsing online for products and services they sell.
  • V12 Signals Events: Brands can reach consumers by life events and behavioral triggers such as new movers, new parents, newly married, and more.

According to Anders Ekman, President of V12, “We are thrilled to roll-out this new component to our Signals product suite, especially at a time when brands are searching for strategies to help them grow and thrive. Using our end-to-end agency services, we are able to get campaigns quickly into market so brands can take advantage of when consumers are most aggressively shopping.”

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