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Valassis Recognized by Trustworthy Accountability Group for Continued Leadership

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Valassis, the leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, today announced its second consecutive recertification by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, recognizing its commitment in the fight against fraudulent digital advertising.

Created by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), TAG awards certifications to select companies – like Valassis – that achieve its rigorous standards to protect the digital advertising industry from fraud, malware, piracy and lack of transparency.

“Recertification by TAG is a testament to the strength and reliability of our proprietary solutions and always-on protection against ad fraud,” said Jay Webster, executive senior vice president, product & engineering, Valassis. “This is particularly critical now as cybercriminals take advantage of the current situation and increased online activity. We understand the severity of the widespread damage ad fraud inflicts on an online advertising initiative, investment and brand image. Through this initiative, Valassis remains proactive and diligent in eliminating ad fraud and combating malware alongside the biggest players in the industry.”

The TAG recertification is one of several components Valassis has in place to ensure a safe, reliable and transparent advertising experience for its clients. The company continuously invests in its platform to consistently deliver quality results across multiple key performance indicators, delivering impressions that, on average, are:

  • 82% viewable
  • 95% cookie-free
  • 98.9% fraud-free
  • 100% brand-safe

“Through this recertification, Valassis has demonstrated its continued leadership in adopting best practices and raising industry standards in our industry’s ongoing fight against fraud,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “TAG’s mission depends on collaborative cross-industry participation, so we can build an interlocking barrier against criminal activity, and we are delighted to recognize and continue to work with Valassis to both protect its partners and safeguard our industry’s ecosystem.”

To protect against unqualified traffic and objectionable activity across all screens and formats, Valassis provides:

  • A dedicated team of trust and safety experts applying technology built to detect fraud across a range of undesirable activity.
  • Advanced data science models for the detection and elimination of excessive impressions and click through rates (CTR).
  • Incorporation of the IAB Spiders and Bots list.
  • User-level blocking of suspicious IP addresses and device IDs.
  • Media Rating Council (MRC)-compliant viewable impression measurement.

To learn about privacy pitfalls to avoid and the qualities marketers need to effectively navigate the new marketing landscape and connect with consumers, download the “Respecting the Privacy-minded Consumer’s Buying Journey” white paper.

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