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Valyant AI and Kiosk Information Systems partner up to deliver a contactless customer experience

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Artificial Intelligence company based out of Colorado, that focuses on delivering customer service in the quick-serve restaurant industry, Valyant AI has announced partnering up with Kiosk Information Systems. This partnership is focused on creating a contactless experience which will be driven by conversational Artificial Intelligence across multiple ecosystems where kiosks are deployed. Innovation and creativity has always been on the top of the list in the martech news.

Communication is automated by conversational AI for the purpose of creating customer experiences that are personalized and at scale. Conversational AI is designed keeping in mind the simulation of human dialogue, which enables ongoing interactions with users with the use of natural language. For example, when a customer simply states what they would want to order or look for, the application confirms the request, without having to press any buttons, via the conversational voice, and then displays the order asked for or the relevant information on the screen of the kiosk.

The proprietary conversational AI platform of Valyant not only reduces wait time but also increases the average upsell along with providing insights to the business. This technology will provide an ultimate contactless solution for enterprises spanning across retail, healthcare, and hospitality when coupled with the digital kiosk technology.

Rob Carpenter, the CEO, and founder of Valyant AI stated that the Conversational AI delivers touchless interactions due to the ability of the technology to drive the visual display to deliver user interfaces that are intuitive and require the least number of buttons pressing as possible.
Rob further added that by coupling digital kiosk technology with conversational AI, customers will no longer need to touch the screens in order to trigger actions, as it will be taken care of by the platform. It answers questions, takes orders as well as completes transactions for customers by using only voice commands.

Deploying technology to ensure safety and security will help in combating the current scenario challenges.

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