Vansary to Facilitate Guided Virtual Networking and Brand Connectivity with Customers and Employees

Aims to increase partnerships between Corporations and Local Businesses
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Founded by fintech veteran Liang Zhao, Vansary is a marketing consultancy helping brands grow their network and adapt to a digital economy. Amidst the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm is helping brands build virtual events and facilitating guided interactions that foster deeper connections formerly generated in-person. In an effort to support local minority-owned businesses, a special emphasis is placed on helping companies connect with their employees and customers through creative partnerships with local businesses.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reported that out of all U.S. B2B exhibitions polled, 34% of 2020 events affected by COVID-19 are postponed to 2021 and 41% of events are postponed to late August through November 2020. Out of the 164 executives polled for the study, 69% of them are experimenting with virtual options martech news.

“In-person meetings and conferences represented an integral part of a company’s marketing and sales strategy, now they have to rethink how to stay connected with employees and clients,” explained Liang Zhao, CEO of Vansary. “The efficacy and efficiency of virtual meetings will have lasting power given its ease of use and economical price points. We are guiding businesses through a changing marketplace and building bridges where none existed before.”

Vansary works with companies to find creative ways to keep their network, teams and clients engaged in a virtual setting. Bringing decades of experience to the table, the team produces opportunities for engagement through webinars, guided virtual networking sessions, experiential events and original content along the way. Special emphasis is placed on leveraging local and minority-owned small business vendors for products and services.

On a mission to establish a hub for global entrepreneurs and trailblazers, Vansary’s team of marketing specialists emboldens clients to reach new frontiers through authentic messaging, inclusive connectivity, engaging digital, social and podcast content.

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