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Vendelux launches Fusion to provide AI-powered event intelligence

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Vendelux, the premier Event Intelligence Platform that enables marketers to maximize the impact from the event marking channel, today launched Fusion, its advanced event intelligence monitoring powered by AI.

With Vendelux Fusion, for the first time ever, event marketers can accurately forecast which sponsors and attendees will be at upcoming events, trade shows and conferences worldwide.

“In-person events are quickly returning, and Vendelux Fusion equips event marketers with the real-time insights they need to make informed decisions about every event,” said Alex Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of Vendelux.

Vendelux Fusion integrates real-time AI predictive modeling, first-party data directly from its global network of conference organizers and partners, along with data enrichment from over 35,000 unique sources including 3rd party web and mobile properties  With Fusion, Vendelux customers can now can now get access to thousands of additional event qualified leads and generate higher ROI from event marketing.

Event marketers can now rely on Vendelux Fusion to plan the perfect events calendar across every sector, rangining from supply chain and retail events to trending marketing, web3 and metaverse conferences.

“Vendelux is a data-packed and user-friendly platform that gave us the exact insights we needed,”  said May Martin, Director of Events at Intellum. “Thanks to Vendelux, we are able to confidently choose which events we should be sponsoring and attending.”

Fusion is now available for all Vendelux customers.  For more information on Vendelux, visit

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