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VenHub announces the Launch of its Second Funding Round


The path to innovation and retail revolution continues as Autonomous Solutions, Inc. and its trailblazing division, VenHub, unveil the commencement of their second round of funding. To continue redefining Smart Store solutions worldwide, the company has strategically chosen Jumpstart Micro, dba Issuance Express (Issuance), as its Regulation CF equity crowdfunding platform portal for the second round of funding.

Reflecting on the overwhelming success and positive reception of the first funding round, VenHub celebrates its continued progress in the retail landscape. The confidence businesses and investors demonstrate in VenHub’s vision in reimagining the shopping experience through Smart Store Technologies and automations has been a critical factor in driving its upward trajectory, and the anticipation for what lies ahead is palpable.

To further streamline the shareholder experience, the company has enlisted the services of VStock as its transfer agent. VStock’s excellent platform and services will ensure that both existing and new Autonomous Solutions, Inc. shareholders have seamless access to the platform, allowing them to easily view, manage and download their shareholdings.

Shahan Ohanessian, the dynamic CEO of VenHub, commented, “Today marks a significant chapter in our journey to elevate VenHub as a global brand. We understand the enormous demand, recognize the urgent need for the VenHub solution worldwide, and acknowledge our pivotal role in the autonomous retail arena. We bear a profound responsibility, and every step we take is driven with an unwavering focus and determination.”

With the goalpost in sight, the company plans to roll out the VenHub Smart Stores in the fourth quarter of 2024. The passionate team behind VenHub is pleased about the rapid progress and is gearing up to soon share some thrilling updates that will reflect significant operational triumphs and remarkable business accomplishments.

In a gesture of gratitude and celebratory spirit, the company offers all investors 30% bonus shares until Sept. 27, 2023.

For investors, businesses and the retail industry, the journey with VenHub and Autonomous Solutions, Inc. is set to be exciting and groundbreaking. The future of retail is being rewritten, and VenHub is at the helm of this transformation.

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