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Vercel Acquires Splitbee


Vercel, the cloud platform for frontend developers—and the creators and maintainers of Next.js—announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Splitbee, an all-in-one analytics and conversion tool that helps brands track and optimize their online businesses.

First-party analytics are a must-have; ethical visitor data collection and increasingly complex website privacy standards have made meeting these expectations a challenge. By acquiring Splitbee, Vercel is doubling down on providing businesses with a view into their website’s performance to help them adapt and thrive without compromising the integrity of their data or affecting end-user experience.

“At Vercel, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the Web for developers to better experiment and build unique experiences,” said Guillermo Rauch, founder and CEO of Vercel. “With our acquisition of Splitbee, we are giving businesses access to a powerful analytics platform that will allow them to receive actionable insights to scale faster than ever before.”

With the addition of Splitbee’s innovations, Vercel Analytics aims to give brands of all sizes the in-depth website analytics they need without additional configuration. Giving customers greater control of how they engage with their end-user. Specifically they’ll gain access to:

  • Real-time data. With the acquisition of Splitbee, Vercel Analytics now tracks visitor count in real-time and displays historical data so it’s simple and accessible to understand trends over time. Brands can see real-time metrics to get insights immediately after shipping an update to their project. Because this data is collected at the edge with zero third-party requests, no extra scripts or cookies required.
  • Privacy-first. Protecting customer data is as important as maintaining a sleek, captivating user experience. That’s why it’s critical to provide an analytics platform that doesn’t require every site to display a cookie banner. Vercel Analytics helps with staying in the boundaries of GDPR while providing deep insights into the website’s audience.
  • Accessible data for more informed decisions. Vercel’s mission is to make it easier for anyone to join the developer process and give teams the tooling and capabilities they need to make the Web the best place to engage with their community. Vercel Analytics will blend the boundaries of audience, application, and web vitals data, eliminating silos and helping organizations iterate and improve their shipping velocity.

Co-founders of Splitbee, Timo Lins and Tobias Lins, will join Vercel to continue elevating these analytics tools for users.

“Our technology and expertise in real-time, privacy-friendly analytics and experimentation insights goes hand-in-hand with Vercel’s roadmap, allowing us to combine faster frontends with the data businesses need to make more informed decisions for their brand,” said Tobias Lins, founder, and CEO of Splitbee, Product Manager at Vercel. “By joining a company that empowers developers, we’re excited to combine Vercel’s best-in-class frontend experience with a clear view of end-user engagement.”

By uniting Vercel’s strengths with Splitbee’s, brands have a one-stop shop for their web building and analytics needsAltogether, Vercel is delivering a fast and reliable web offering that gives brands of all sizes the ability to ship faster with more confidence while meeting customer expectations and driving conversion.

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