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Verint Introduces Total Quality to Close the Engagement Capacity Gap

Total Quality Leverages Innovative AI and Automation to Drive Significant ROI While Reducing the Operational Effort to Manage Comprehensive Quality Programs
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Engage 2022 — Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced Verint Total Quality, a strategic, holistic approach to elevating quality across the enterprise, driving employee engagement, performance improvement, compliance adherence and an overall exceptional customer experience. The announcement was made during the company’s Verint Engage 2022 customer conference.

Organizations find it more difficult than ever to deliver the desired customer experience as they grapple with new workforce dynamics, ever-expanding customer engagement channels, and exponentially more consumer interactions – all with limited budget and resources. This creates an Engagement Capacity Gap, making the need for breakthrough quality management approaches essential.

With traditional Quality Management solutions, organizations monitor and evaluate only a small sampling of interactions ranging between one and three percent, which surprisingly excludes the customer perspective. As a result, companies can see and affect only a small part of the larger quality picture.

The Total Quality approach enables companies to greatly increase the number of channels and interactions that are monitored, reduce the risk of non-compliance, infuse the process with the customer perspective of quality, and automate real-time coaching to guide calls to a positive outcome. Verint’s Customer Engagement Cloud Platform allows customers to start anywhere in the quality model and add any level of analytics, AI or automation capabilities they need, when they need it, quickly and easily.

According to Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics, “The explosion in digital channels, more onerous compliance regulations, and increasing choice for customers, mean traditional quality management programs no longer meet the needs of today’s businesses. Organizations need a complete, connected total quality management program, across all human and digital interaction channels and all stages of the customer experience.”

To achieve success amidst these new challenges, organizations need a Total Quality approach to evaluate all interactions, from both humans and bots, with a unified enterprise-wide view. Verint’s Total Quality approach provides automation for improved efficiency while uniting quality teams and supervisors via one standardized set of tools.

Automation assists in the monitoring and evaluation, reducing the risk of undiscovered non-compliant issues that could result in fines. Resources can then be reassigned to more strategic tasks, such as coaching or training new hires. Real-time coaching assists agents in the moment and helps resolve issues as they are happening.

“Verint’s innovative Total Quality approach ensures that organizations can automate evaluations and incorporate the customer perspective of quality across all channels, in order to provide the right feedback and coaching to their workforce, avoid and mitigate compliance issues and achieve further reduction of handle time all while increasing customer satisfaction,” says Verint’s David Singer, vice president, go-to-market strategy.

Verint Cloud Platform solutions comprising the company’s Total Quality approach include:

  • Verint Automated Quality Management autoscores up to 100 percent of interactions ‒ voice and digital ‒ for greater quality and compliance. The solution also triggers alerts and presents the results of coaching sessions.
  • Verint Interaction Quality seamlessly integrates the customers’ perception of quality into the quality management scorecards and evaluations, providing insights into the impact of agent and bot behavior.
  • Verint Real-Time Coaching relies on the innovative capabilities of Verint Real-Time Agent Assist and uses advanced AI to listen to customer calls as they happen and automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes. The application can identify a variety of coaching opportunities and offer immediate advice to the agent regarding knowledge, empathy and compliance.
  • Verint Performance Management displays employee key performance indicators (KPIs) in role-appropriate scorecards, giving employees daily and intraday visibility into objective, data-driven assessments of their performance.

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