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Veritone improves AI- Media Management for better content marketing.

Upgrades to Veritone Digital Media Hub will help media and sports companies quickly find, identify, and integrate existing content into creative projects to drive more revenue
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Veritone, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced significant enhancements to its cloud-native, AI-enabled media management platform, Veritone Digital Media Hub. Powered by aiWARE, these new features will assist current and future customers to rapidly curate and activate assets to increase content discoverability, operational efficiency and revenue opportunities in content creation.

With COVID-19 introducing unprecedented challenges to the production process, a key differentiator for content creators moving forward will be remote collaboration, compatibility with their existing applications, and the ability to extract increased value from their existing content. To meet consumer demand with limited production, content owners and creators rely on cloud-native Veritone Digital Media Hub and its new features to prolong the lifespan of existing content by easily searching and identifying segments in both archived and newly produced content.

“These new, exciting upgrades fulfill an important need for us to find the needle in the haystack within a segment of our content,” said Jon Sotzing, Marketing Director, Carson Entertainment Group. “By enabling more control over modifying, editing, and adding data to specific segments, Veritone Digital Media Hub allows us to find moments faster and monetize them more frequently, and in doing so, preserving and promoting one of best-loved shows in American television.”

New enhancements to the solution include:

  • The Annotation Tool, which offers new ways to curate, search, visualize, and validate cognitive and structured data for a media file by tagging and saving descriptive information against a segment of content. This new feature will support customers with multiple use cases, including licensing and monetization.
  • The Data Export Tool, which gives users the flexibility to narrow down a specific moment within a media file, a time range, or an entire data set by seconds, frames, or timecodes, and easily export this data as both JSON and XML output files.
  • Content Notifications that deliver a customized email alert for new content ingested into the platform, informing users of the type of content that has been uploaded.

“Our enhancements to Digital Media Hub, coupled with the power of aiWARE, will give current and future media and entertainment customers a new way to visualize, edit, and engage with their content and its associated data,” said Ryan Steelberg, President of Veritone. “This will provide them with greater control over their content by increasing the accuracy of how their content is tagged, giving them more ways to export it, and helping them stay on top of what is currently available in their library, which will culminate into more licensing and revenue opportunities. Additionally, these new capabilities have piqued the interest of our state and federal government customers too, and we look forward to expanding the value of Digital Media Hub into those markets as well.”

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