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Versus Announced its latest offering, Seamless Ads

By integrating directly into contextually relevant, AI-powered interactive content, Seamless Ads result in a less interruptive advertising experience and higher click through rates

Versus, the leading AI-powered interactive content company, today announced its latest offering, Seamless Ads. Seamless Ads leverages Versus’ proprietary AI platform to enable brands to connect with audiences through more personalized, engaging content, delivering a less interruptive advertising experience. By integrating directly into contextually relevant, interactive content, Seamless Ads result in higher click-through rates to drive engagement, retention, and value for brands and partners.

Versus’ AI platform transforms content from any source, such as articles, sites, TV, pages, and social media, from passive to interactive in real-time by turning it into an engaging game that lets people predict the outcome of the content they are consuming. With Seamless Ads, contextual ads are integrated directly into these games, which appear in an unobtrusive manner as users are interacting with the game.

“As Versus continues to transform the way brands connect with audiences, we’re thrilled to officially roll out Seamless Ads,” said Versus founder and CEO John Vitti. “The media landscape and how audiences interact with content is changing, and advertising needs to continue to evolve along with it. As we head towards a cookie-less future, innovation in this space is essential, finding new ways to deliver more personalized, less interruptive advertising.”

Seamless Ads ensures the games and ads are always contextual to the content being consumed. For example, if a user is reading an article on an upcoming sporting event, the game that’s generated might be about who’s most likely to win, and the ad that’s pulled in could be for a related type of sporting equipment. This ecosystem creates a better user experience, resulting in higher click-through rates of up to 2.1 percent, more than double the industry average.

Looking ahead, Versus will remain focused on the ongoing evolution of its proprietary AI platform and Seamless Ads to continue delivering more relevant, engaging content for audiences, and loyalty and revenue for brands and partners. Versus is already delivering captivating content for leading entertainment, news, sports, search and social providers such as Microsoft, USA Today, the NFL, Billboard, Forbes, The Grammys, UFC, iHeartRadio, Lionsgate, and more.

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