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Vertafore® releases of the next generation CMS for Documentation

Vertafore's latest enhancements to industry-leading insurance content management solution save time & drive agency efficiency
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Vertafore®, the leader in modern insurance technology, today announced the release of the next generation of WorkSmart®, its best-in-class workflow and document management solution for independent agencies. The latest enhancements are designed to provide substantial time savings—up to four hours each week per customer service representative (CSR) based on data from early adopters—creating additional bandwidth for agencies to service clients and focus on revenue growth.

WorkSmart 7 provides a modern, intuitive user experience that automates manual tasks, implements best practices and balances workloads across an agency. Launched on April 23, the latest release includes 15 customer-requested enhancements that will enable agencies to get more work done with more consistent results in less time.

Data from Vertafore users shows that on average, CSRs spend up to 40% of their day working on activities like renewals and customer inquiries, and up to 50% of their day searching for tasks, documents and information related to those activities. That manual work stands in the way of an agency’s efficiency goals.

WorkSmart 7 improves productivity, streamlines tasks and enhances searching with:

  • Personalized, dynamic to-do lists that update in real time and show tasks by priority
  • Email automation that files messages and responses in the proper place in the agency’s management system
  • Role-based and Big “I” best practice workflows, sequential tasking and milestone triggers that flag tasks for work at the right time
  • Significantly expanded search capabilities to quickly find task-related information
  • The ability to tag important pages and quickly navigate to specific information in large client documents and files
  • Better visibility into workloads across an agency, surfacing bottlenecks and staffing needs

“WorkSmart 7 enables us to do everything we need in day-to-day service of a client, quickly and efficiently,” says Sussann Lovett, commercial account manager and system administrator for Morgan, Trevathan & Gunn Inc. “The modern interface and workflow enhancements are going to improve our team’s daily experience by making their work easier and faster. This latest version allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of chasing paperwork.”

As the industry’s only content management and workflow system purpose built for insurance agencies, WorkSmart uses standardized workflows and integrated content management to delivers work, documents and data to the right person at the right time. It integrates seamlessly with AMS360®, Sagitta® and BenefitPoint® to eliminate application switching and reduce clicks.

“The next generation of WorkSmart delivers on Vertafore’s commitment to empower agencies to modernize their business,” says James Thom, chief product officer at Vertafore. “Simplifying and automating core processes improves every aspect of insurance—from how agents spend their time to the service they deliver to their clients and how quickly they can respond to business need.”

WorkSmart 7 at Accelerate, powered by NetVU

To help agencies build their modernization strategy, get the most out of their existing Vertafore products and engage with experts and peers, Vertafore and the Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU) are presenting Accelerate, powered by NetVU, May 18–July 1, 2021. Designed to help Vertafore users thrive in a post-pandemic world, the all-virtual event features more than 200 world-class, peer-to-peer education sessions, product announcements and networking opportunities.

During Vertafore’s virtual kickoff event, May 25–27, attendees will get an in-depth look at Vertafore’s latest innovations, including WorkSmart 7.

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