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Viamedia announced a partnership with Willow by Cricbuzz

Viamedia Extends Ad Sales Expertise from Cable to Streaming, Partnering with Willow by Cricbuzz, the Home of Cricket in North America

Viamedia, the largest independent advertising rep firm in the U.S., today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Willow by Cricbuzz, offering more live, streaming and on-demand cricket than any other sports service. As part of this partnership, Viamedia will provide programmatic ad sales representation for Willow by Cricbuzz. This marks a significant expansion for the company into the programmatic streaming space, promising a new era of growth and innovation for both Viamedia and Willow by Cricbuzz.

Viamedia will completely transform the ad inventory management for Willow by Cricbuzz, leveraging its advanced suite of programmatic technologies. This strategic move allows the company to offer its advertising spaces through modern, automated channels, surpassing traditional direct ad sales. Implementing these sophisticated programmatic strategies is poised to significantly enhance the accuracy, efficiency and revenue potential of each streaming service’s programmatic ad sales, setting a new standard for the industry. Advertisers can expect improved targeting, increased reach, and higher ROI from their ad campaigns.

“Viamedia’s strategic partnership with Willow by Cricbuzz signifies a major advancement into the streaming media landscape,” said David Solomon, CEO of Viamedia. “Our profound expertise in ad sales places us at the cutting edge of digital advertising evolution and positions our partners for unprecedented success. By integrating programmatic technology, we are redefining the reach and precision of advertising and enhancing revenue streams, setting a new pace for innovation in the advertising industry and expanding our footprint in the programmatic streaming sector.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Viamedia and leverage their expertise to enhance our ad sales strategy,” said Todd Myers, COO of Willow by Cricbuzz. “Viamedia’s advanced programmatic capabilities will streamline our ad sales process and provide our advertisers with more precise targeting options. This partnership will drive substantial growth for our platform and ensure our audiences receive the most pertinent content.”

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