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Viewsonic Highlights Future Workplace/Classroom Solutions

Transforming Work and Learning with Complete Ecosystems

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, unveils the latest innovations at its Visual Solution Forum 2024 hosted at its R&D Center during COMPUTEX (June 4th – 7th). The event highlights its “ViewSonic Future Meeting Room” and “ViewSonic Future Classroom” initiatives, showcasing comprehensive solutions for workplace and education designed for easy accessibility and inclusive collaboration. Another highlight is large-format Customizable All-in-One LED displays, providing expansive sizes up to 760 inches, crafted to demonstrate the unprecedented versatility and convenience that mega displays can offer.

“ViewSonic is proud to introduce the ‘Future Meeting Room’ and ‘Future Classroom’ solutions, designed to transform traditional spaces with cutting-edge technology and intuitive functionality,” said Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager at ViewSonic. “Our ‘Future Meeting Room’ enables seamless collaboration and communication, boosting productivity. Similarly, the company’s long-term dedication to education drives the ‘Future Classroom’ to redefine the learning space with interactive tools, preparing students for tomorrow’s challenges. We are committed to continuously innovating and improving technologies aiming at creating a more comprehensive ecosystem.”

Future Meeting Room: The Solution for Hybrid Meetings

As hybrid work becomes the norm, efficient and versatile meeting room setups are essential. The “ViewSonic Future Meeting Room” seamlessly integrates in-person and hybrid teamwork with high accessibility, inclusive collaboration, enterprise-grade security, and remote device management capabilities. For business professionals, it supports the entire workflow, from project initiation to brainstorming and showcasing work, ensuring smooth and effective team interactions while adhering to sustainable principles, making it ideal for modern businesses.

Built on this concept, ViewSonic offers a wide range of touch and non-touch display solutions that are paired with its latest TeamJoin™ solution designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms, TeamOne™ online collaborative software, and the Manager centralized device management software to present a future-ready meeting space.

At the forum, guests can experience an ideal setup for Microsoft Teams Rooms meetings – the ViewBoard 105″ 5K Interactive Display paired with TeamJoin™. This combination offers a streamlined user journey, ensuring instant and efficient meetings initiated by a single touch. This 21:9 ultrawide display enhances eye-to-eye connection and provides a full view of presentation content and chat messages through front-row display mode, simulating clear and engaging face-to-face communication. With exceptional audiovisual quality, this setup exemplifies how hybrid meetings can be made more intuitive and productive.

TeamOne™ features intuitive handwriting capabilities and integrates whiteboarding, flow charts, and other tools. It offers various workflow templates for brainstorming and note-taking, providing a unified collaborative experience for in-person and hybrid teams. The ViewBoard built-in Manager software eases IT administrative tasks by controlling and managing apps and displays remotely on a unified platform.

Customizable Magnificent Presentation in Effortless Setup 

ViewSonic’s latest innovation — the Customizable All-in-One LED displays (LDC series) combines the size versatility of conventional LED displays with the installation convenience of an All-in-One design. Guests will experience the real-world application of the LDC series, which is configured at 263 inches and installed at a second-floor height, serving as welcome signage in the lobby. The displays can be even larger, from 760 inches in one unit to over 1,000 inches when multiple units are combined, suitable for entrance decorations, public advertisements, event backdrops, etc.

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