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Virtua Brands Announces New DR Content Marketing Division

Virtua Brands

Virtua Brands, a leading business-to business creative and digital marketing agency based in South Florida is pleased to announce the formation of a new direct response content marketing division.

A report from Grandview Research shows the global direct sales market, including business-to-business sales, surpassed $189 billion in 2021, and is projected to be valued at nearly $300 billion by 2028.

Michael Boy, CEO of Virtua Brands said, “We discovered a huge opportunity for our clients. A wide-open space that few people in the content marketing world have been taking advantage of. It’s called DR content marketing. And it’s a game changer for B2B sales.

“Most content marketing is based upon a false premise that educating your readers, or ‘branding’ your product with them will generate new customers. It rarely does, or at least not at an acceptable rate.

“But with DR content marketing, we’re able to use the emotional and psychological tenants of direct response copywriting, combined with the algorithmic based SEO practices, to not only drive high intent traffic, but to convert them into buyers.”

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top three goals/achievements of B2B content marketers are brand awareness, building trust and educating their audience.

However, Virtua Brands’ new DR Content Marketing team’s top priority is not simply “building awareness” of client products. Its generating new leads, new customers, and new sales revenue for its clients.

“Clearly, the goal of any business is to increase its customer base. By crafting the right messages, and getting them in front of the right audience, we feel our ability to do so may now be unmatched,” said Boy.

“Mark my words, DR content marketing is the future of B2B,” Boy concluded.

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