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Vistar Media announced the acquisition of ADstruc

ADstruc will be available as a software tool to scale traditional OOH planning and buying seamlessly alongside digital and programmatic
Vistar Media

Vistar Media, the top global provider of technology solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, today announced the acquisition of traditional OOH planning and buying software, ADstruc, from PJX Media.

“We live in a world powered by software, and the OOH media industry is no different,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “Vistar has had an amazing journey across our programmatic marketplace and enterprise software businesses, but at the same time, our customers consistently remind us that digital OOH—and programmatic within it—is just a portion of the greater OOH landscape.

“Our rebrand says it all: Vistar Media is ‘the home of out-of-home.’ To truly embody this, we must substantially contribute to how OOH is traditionally bought and sold. ADstruc completes our commitment to the industry and brings ADstruc customers and partners the software they love, with the engineering scale and service excellence that is Vistar.”

For almost 15 years, ADstruc software has automated the traditional OOH planning, buying, and selling workflow. By eliminating routine tasks, ADstruc frees agencies to focus on strategy, creativity, and ROI for their clients. The tool streamlined media operations for PJX Media, enabling them to efficiently handle hundreds of millions in OOH billings with a team of experienced OOH experts. In total, the ADstruc platform processed over $1B of combined OOH investments for PJX and other agency subscribers. Now, backed by Vistar’s robust engineering, exceptional customer support, and experience scaling software globally, ADstruc is poised to become the go-to platform for the OOH industry worldwide.

“PJX Media gets stronger today by unlocking the value of ADstruc and we are tremendously excited to see this moment for the OOH industry take shape,” said Rick Robinson, CEO of PJX Media. “ADstruc is the favored workflow tool for planners, buyers, and sellers. The original vision of our founders, John Laramie, and Josh Warrum, to provide OOH software that can truly serve the entire industry – will now come to life across the entire OOH marketplace. Vistar has a proven record of scaling software and growing the OOH industry. I look forward to seeing it prosper in the hands of all buyers and sellers of OOH globally.”

PJX Media remains a growing, tech-driven independent OOH agency providing OOH planning and buying expertise to other agencies and brands across the US and globally. The acquisition also ensures PJX Media will continue to leverage the tool it originally developed as a client, retaining full access and use of ADstruc to automate their planning and buying. PJX Media’s clients will continue to benefit from the agency’s expertise with Vistar adding the depth and strength of their full suite of business tools.

The majority of OOH media owners across the US already work with ADstruc to respond to agency RFPs; they will now benefit from the most loved and trusted tool becoming available to the full global landscape of agency planners and buyers. And, unlike competitive solutions that charge transaction fees, ADstruc remains free for media owners.

Along with acquiring the software asset, Vistar will also bring on the ADstruc engineering team and a dedicated account manager. “With such strong leadership and foundational knowledge within the ADstruc team, I’m excited to put substantial investment around growing the engineering and support teams for ADstruc’s future,” said Provenzano.

ADstruc will be available to all US agencies beginning June 1, 2024, with global expansion expected throughout 2024.

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