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Vivex Biologics, Inc. Debuts Immersive Customer Experience Center

Fast growing regenerative medicine company invests in innovative center to provide customers and physicians the opportunity to engage and collaborate
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Vivex Biologics, Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company specializing in the development of naturally sourced biologics treatment solutions, opened its Customer Experience Center today at its state-of-the-art 98,000 sq. ft. facility in Miami. The Customer Experience Center is designed to provide customers, including physicians and health care providers, with the opportunity to preview and learn about the foundational role VIVEX plays in the history of biologics and regenerative medicine and its range of regenerative products and solutions.

“Our new Customer Experience Center provides an immersive experience, showcasing VIVEX’s incredible 50-year history and regenerative medicine heritage, the innovative solutions that we deliver to patients today, and the exciting vision we have for the future,” said Ron Hebert, Vice President of Marketing at VIVEX.

“The modern design of the Customer Experience Center was concepted and developed over the past year and offers visitors access to interactive displays, multimedia content, and hands-on learning. We look forward to welcoming customers, physicians, and guests to experience the VIVEX Customer Experience Center first-hand,” added Hebert.

The Customer Experience Center features:

  • An area dedicated to the rich history of VIVEX, outlining its foundations as the first civilian tissue bank in the US as the University of Miami Tissue Bank;
  • VIVEX’s evolution from a tissue bank to an innovator in regenerative medicine;
  • VIVEX’s solutions and technology, detailing how new discoveries are transformed into products that impact the lives of patients;
  • VIVEX’s mission to maximize the impact of the “Gift of Life” provided by donors; and
  • VIVEX’s thought leadership within the regenerative medicine space over the past 50 years

The Customer Experience Center will play a significant role as part of VIVEX’s growth strategy, highlighting its pioneering leadership and contributions in regenerative medicine. The company continues to be an industry leader, launching 10 new products in just the past two years. For more information on VIVEX and its advanced regenerative medicine solutions, visit

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