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VOIQ raises a total of $5M funding to build the Future of AI Voice

VOIQ, YCombinator and Silicon Valley-backed startup building Conversational AI Voice raises $2M after strong traction for a total of $5M
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VOIQ is transforming the ways in which businesses leverage Voice AI, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by investors. Following strong traction, VOIQ has raised an additional $2M, for a total of $5M in funding from top Silicon Valley investors.

The round is driven by LEAP Global Ventures with critical speculation from 10XCapital, Brian Finn, Former CEO of Credit Suisse Boston, Tom Chavez, sold his Martech organization Krux to Salesforce for $1B and David Shreni, Former Head of Global Mobile for Walmart.

LEAP was excited to lead the round, having been attracted to VOIQ’s strong competitive positioning and early mover advantage in the burgeoning space of AI Voice for Sales & Marketing. Overseeing Partner Roman Leal explains that “VOIQ is solving a problem that so many people believed unsolvable. Bringing human-like conversational VoiceBots to automate business calls is a game-changer for high-growth companies looking for that edge over the competition, and no startup is better positioned to deliver than VOIQ.”

VOIQ CEO and Founder Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, a thought-leader and frequent keynote speaker on AI Voice, says their recent success is “a clear indicator that this space is about to experience hyper-growth. While industry experts predicted that AI Voice for business use would take several more years to mature, a wide range of solutions such as Amazon Alexa for Business are already emerging at a fast pace.”

What’s more, there are many exciting developments right around the corner in 2020 for AI Voice, including more natural-sounding voices, with heightened EQ and humanistic components such as pausing, breathing, inflection, and tone. VOIQ works with partners such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM, who are investing billions of dollars in the industry to further advance these aspects of VOIQ AI technology.

VOIQ launched the first of its kind SaaS platform in February 2019, with more than 700 companies as customers. Having already picked up top talent in Marketing Strategy and Engineering to further VOIQ‘s mission, the investment will also be used to integrate with strategic CRMs and Sales Automation Platforms that will expand the product’s accessibility to 500,000 prospective users.

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