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Volcanic Retail Launches Real Time Interactive Platform

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Streamlines Buy-Sell Process with Volcanic Messenger: First Brand-Buyer, Two-Way Communication App in Retail

Volcanic Retail today launched as the industry’s first two-way communications product discovery cloud platform, providing a cost-efficient solution for new brand marketers and product inventors to be discovered by retailers, and for retail buyers to more efficiently qualify products and businesses. Designed to transform the retail buying space, the platform introduces Volcanic Messenger, the first two-way communication app in retail that includes live chats; predictive AI-based analytics for curated recommendations and trends; searchable brand profile and product pages; and buyer calendars and contact windows.

“The retail purchasing industry is bogged down by many inefficient practices that limit buyers and retailers from making mutually beneficial connections in real time, and often make it difficult for buyers to qualify products as well as the brands themselves,” said Jeremy Brockbank, chairman and CEO of Volcanic Retail. “Buyers’ inboxes are besieged with product submissions, and trade shows – significantly disrupted by the pandemic – are an expensive and infrequent way for brands and buyers to meet. Volcanic Retail’s two-way digital communication tool provides retailers and brands with a highly customizable virtual meeting place that represents a much more affordable and efficient way to do business.”

Now available at, the platform empowers brands and buyers to work smarter and more efficiently with the following features:

  • Volcanic Messenger: The first-ever two-way communications app in retail not only enables buyers and sellers to communicate directly with each other but also allows them to save conversations and contact information in the event of turnover or category buying reorganization. Brand marketers may receive notifications when a retail buyer is interested in their products and opt to join a chat to answer questions in real-time.
  • Buyer search tools: Buyers have instant access to search, save and set notifications to identify brands and products that align with their customer demographics and needs. They can also filter by margins, minimum order quantity, certifications, location and other parameters.
  • Predictive analytics: Volcanic Retail’s AI-based analytics ensure that retail buyers and brands receive curated recommendations that apply to their business, as well as view trending products in categories of interest to them.
  • Brand Profile/Product Pages: Brand marketers can build brand profile and product pages, searchable by retail buyers, providing the buyer with access to current information and a way to discover unique stories, features and products that set the brand apart from the competition.
  • Buying calendar: Retailers can highlight the times of the year they’re conducting a line review, attending a tradeshow, seeking new products or planning a seasonal promotion, allowing them to elicit brand pitches when they need them and reducing the number of times they have to answer the same questions.

“Sourcing new products is a cumbersome process that often precludes buyers from discovering a product that may be a great fit for their customer base—or even the next best seller,” said Tyler Dickman, co-founder of Simply Mac and a member of the Volcanic Retail advisory board. “Volcanic Retail’s predictive analytics and extensive search tools will save everyone in the retail industry time and money while ensuring brands are connected with the right buyers and retailers are able to sell the right products to their customers.” The Volcanic Retail Advisory Board represents a cross-section of blue-chip retailers, brands and product development experts that are all committed to transforming the business transactions between buyers and brands.

At launch, Volcanic Retail is focusing on three of the fastest-growing retail categories in the United States, including outdoor world (e.g., hiking, sporting goods and water sports), specialty and natural grocery, and pharmacy. In late 2022, additional categories will be added to meet market demand, including consumer electronics, farm and ranch, and hardware.

“Volcanic Retail has generated multiple opportunities to get my product in front of the right decision-makers at many key retailers,” said Derek Boduch, product development and operations executive of Fugoo Speakers, which has been beta testing the site. “I now have established relationships with buyers whom I wouldn’t have connected with any other way, leading to new sales opportunities.”

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