Vuukle launches

Aiming to Bridge the Existing Gaps in the Thriving Market Research Sector

Vuukle, the world’s top custom user engagement and commenting platform for enterprise sites and blogs, today announced the official release of, a patent-pending quiz platform with the ability to revolutionize the market research industry as well as how publishers and brands engage audiences.

Tailored to provide a personalized and dynamic experience, leverages cutting-edge AI technology to create a contextual engine that generates quizzes directly linked to a page’s content. For publishers, enhances user engagement on the publisher’s site, potentially increasing ad revenue and attracting advertisers seeking an engaged audience. For advertisers, offers a novel way to interact with the audience, gain insights, and tailor campaigns effectively, resulting in higher brand recall and better ROI.

Current DMP solutions analyze behaviors shaped by consumption habits. In a landscape evolving from the foundations of data, where first-party insights hold the key, and the cookie’s era faces impending decline, publishers are looking for a better way to navigate the data maze and sculpt their first-party strategies.

“The big distinction with is a treasure trove of specific, intent-based data akin to the sanctity of search,” said Andy Dhanik, Head of Revenue Operations at Vuukle. “In this era where search-level intent drives conversions,’s data stands as the epitome of actionable insights, paving the way to informed decisions and strategic triumphs.”

Additionally, the market research landscape is ripe for disruption, and there’s a clear need to diversify and enhance the options available to brands desiring quality results for precise audience targeting and segmentation. Currently, the industry is dominated by a few players that continue to push the same stale methods with limited results. There is a severe gap between the needs of marketers and advertisers and what is being delivered, which calls for innovation, competition, and fresh perspectives to meet the industry’s evolving demands.

By prompting users to answer questions related to the content they’re consuming, Quizzly actively engages the audience, transforming passive readers into active participants. Brands have the unique opportunity to ask tailored questions that provide direct insights into their target audience’s preferences, habits, and behaviors, helping them refine their strategies.

“We saw a gap in the marketplace and we filled it,” said Ravi Mittal, founder and CEO at Vuukle. “The original concept for was an advanced tool to help publishers and advertisers leverage the power of AI to deliver meaningful interactions and data-driven insights while ensuring an enjoyable and interactive journey for users. While Quizzly does still deliver in that respect, it has the capability to flip the market research industry on its head by turning around highly engaged survey results with premium data in days instead of months.”

Vuukle’s launch of is a significant milestone, disrupting the traditional market research landscape and setting a new standard for modern, data-driven market intelligence. Join the movement towards a more efficient, effective, and accessible market research industry at

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