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Wavelo’s new catalog aids telecoms in customer retention, acquisition

Latest offering from Wavelo allows operators to seamlessly launch new products and offerings, keeping pace with rapidly changing consumer demands

Earlier today, Wavelo—a software company modernizing telecom operations—launched a new product catalog that will unlock a critical advantage for communication service providers (CSPs) globally as they compete for customer retention and acquisition.

While product catalogs are not new in the industry, Wavelo’s Product Catalog sets a new standard with its new system agnostic, flexible and turnkey offering. Wavelo’s Product Catalog is easily defined, simple to integrate, and can be updated across systems in minutes rather than months, providing the flexibility that today’s operators and consumers demand.

“Today, telecom subscribers expect plans and services that make sense—both as standalone products, but also as part of their customized bundles. Operators who create curated plans and services—at prices that make sense in their markets—are going to thrive in an era where customers demand flexibility and network portability,” said Neil Shah, Chief Product Officer, Wavelo. “Wavelo’s fundamental goal is to help our customers better serve their subscribers, and we do that with flexible software that easily integrates into existing systems. Our new product catalog will help our partners immediately improve customer experience and maximize the potential of their network.”

As the backbone of any successful telecom operation, an effective product catalog provides a comprehensive overview of available offerings and drives customer engagement. Once established, a flexible product catalog allows operators to seamlessly launch new products and offerings at a competitive pace that will meet customers’ rapidly changing needs. 

Wavelo’s Product Catalog differentiates itself from other offerings in the market through dynamic customization and product personalization capabilities. Its core advantages include:

  • Compatible with any network type: Operators who sell wireless, broadband, or both across any mobile or fiber network combination can flexibly consolidate their catalog.
  • Standalone, bundle or split offers: Enables operators to sell individual plans, services, and devices, while bundling them into any combination based on business rules.
  • Easily modify pricing and promotions: Wavelo’s Product Catalog allows for the definition of a single product with multiple price points based on billing frequency or geography and the ability to quickly update their service prices or promotional discounts.

This product catalog is the newest software solution by Wavelo and can be provided as both a standalone service or as part of Wavelo’s broader system solutions. To learn more about Wavelo, the Wavelo Product Catalog, or the company’s other flexible software solutions, please visit

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