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We Are Liberty announced its launch in Dubai

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Retail Media has emerged as the third wave in digital advertising, outpacing the growth rates of established platforms like Meta (social) and Google (search). In just five years, Retail Media has surged to $30 billion in ad revenue, a milestone that took Social 11 years and Search 14 years to achieve, according to eMarketer 2022.

This wave of change not only signifies a massive opportunity for marketers in the UAE, but also showcases a pivotal shift as businesses embrace commerce analytics. Through harnessing this data, businesses are empowered to make smarter decisions, driving significant and positive changes.

Industry reports predict global spending on retail data analytics is projected to skyrocket, hitting $137.1 billion by 2025. Of this amount the UAE is expected to contribute a substantial $3.5 billion, a testament to the region’s commitment, with major investments spearheaded by industry giants like Amazon who are investing $150 million locally.

Retail data is transforming brand-consumer interactions, offering marketers a clear advantage. Firstly, it allows brands to explore consumer behaviour, preferences, and buying patterns, empowering them to customize campaigns for precise targeting and personalization. Secondly, data-driven insights enhance customer experiences, nurturing loyalty, and retention. Lastly, it’s a game-changer for optimizing marketing spend, enabling brands to allocate resources efficiently by identifying high-impact channels and strategies.

In 2022, programmatic advertising expenditure in MENA soared to $5.5 billion, marking a 20.1% surge from the previous year. This growth underscores the pivotal role programmatic advertising will play in the ongoing retail data revolution. By automating processes for targeted advertising, brands can precisely deliver their message to the intended audience at the optimal moment. Programmatic not only enhances efficiency but also boosts return on investment through data-driven strategies.

As the largest online retailer globally, Amazon’s vast data ecosystem has become an unparalleled asset for brands seeking to expand their reach and engage with potential customers. We Are Liberty, a global Amazon-accredited managed service partner, has strategically launched in the region, aiming to assist brands in navigating and accessing Amazon’s extensive data resources.

“At We Are Liberty, we’re your trusted partner in navigating the world of Amazon advertising. We’re proud to be an accredited managed service partner, we offer a personalized approach across all Amazon channels, and products. Our mission is to make your advertising journey as smooth as possible, ensuring you have the support and guidance need every step of the way.”

We Are Liberty brings a holistic approach to Amazon advertising, combining extensive knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem with meticulous strategy development, seamless media execution, and real-time campaign reporting. Our proprietary platform, ©WAL, provides invaluable insights, giving brands a comprehensive understanding of their campaign performance and actionable data to drive success.

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