Wealth Advisor’s New Guide Solves Wealth Manager Education Gap

Magazine study shows 70% of investment advisors still don't understand how to deploy direct index solutions for their clients or distinguish between a collection of competing solution providers
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In a market environment dominated by passively indexed solutions and starved for gross investment returns, U.S. wealth managers are now receptive to the concept of “direct indexing” their client portfolios for customization and tax sensitivity even if most retail advisors still struggle with details of partner choice and execution.

In an informal poll, The Wealth Advisor, a leading online portal for investment advisors, brokerage representatives and other financial intermediaries, determined that 70% of its audience recognizes the term “direct indexing” but fails to demonstrate real understanding of how the technology works to enhance client outcomes.

“With so many big players like Morningstar and Schwab flooding the zone with messaging, it’s natural that our people are now aware that direct indexing is happening,” says Scott Martin, Wealth Advisor managing editor. “But few have successfully connected the dots to figure out what it is and why it matters.”

To close that knowledge gap, The Wealth Advisor announces the upcoming release of the Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide. Set to launch in mid-July, the unique publication will offer much-needed practical guidance to financial advisors across the nation.

“We’re thrilled to be breaking new ground with the release of our Direct Indexing Buyer’s Guide,” said Lauren Rosenfarb, Associate Publisher of The Wealth Advisor. “This is a game-changer for the industry. We’re not only empowering financial advisors with the knowledge they need, but we’re also providing direct indexing providers with a platform to reach out to a vast network of advisors eager to learn.”

To further enhance the learning process, The Wealth Advisor offers a sponsorship program, providing direct indexing providers with a unique opportunity to present their offerings and interact with a potential audience of 330,000 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Broker-Dealer (BD) advisors.

Sponsors will gain access to a range of benefits including a custom firm profile, digital dashboards, CRM-integrated lead follow-ups, targeted earned media and immediate feedback. These tools will serve to drive engagement, increase exposure and facilitate efficient communication with potential clients.

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