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Weave Launches Softphones

As staffing challenges continue to impact small businesses, Weave’s latest functionality helps remote staff and hybrid teams operate more efficiently

Weave (NYSE: WEAV), the all-in-one customer communication and engagement platform for small- and medium-sized businesses, today announces a slate of new features designed to enable more offices to leverage remote or hybrid staff including Softphones and several significant improvements to Weave’s mobile application. The new capabilities will enable teams to answer calls and communicate with patients from anywhere within the US and Canada, no matter if they’re in the office or outside of it.

Remote work has transformed nearly every industry and small business owners now require the freedom to answer calls from anywhere while working from multi-office locations, at home or on the go, to ultimately provide customers with the seamless experiences they expect. Flexibility is a priority for small business owners and Weave’s new capabilities enable businesses to provide employees with the ability to work remotely, gain access to larger employee candidate bases amid ongoing labor shortages, and deliver enhanced experiences to customers.

“The ability to take your work with you wherever you go is a powerful, necessary advantage in today’s work environments,” said Brett White, CEO of Weave. “Nearly 4 in 5 of our customers offer remote work in some capacity. Weave Softphones will not only provide business owners with increased flexibility, but will also open revenue opportunities for businesses to take advantage of new customer segments, expand employee talent, and facilitate remote office management.”

“Weave Softphones are a wonderful addition,” said Dr. Jeffrey Ellis, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist. “We are using them for our staff who work offsite, full-time or part time as it keeps them connected to the office in a much better way. My staff in the office also like it because it makes it much easier to call someone directly from the desktop app, and a headset is comfortable for anyone with neck pain.”

The release of Weave Softphones follows various new product and integration launches in recent months, including Online Bill Pay, Response Assistant, Bulk Texting, Online Scheduling & Text Connect, Insurance Verification, Phone Analytics, and more.

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