Webgility & Shopify Offer Free Omnichannel Commerce Webinar

Shopify's Retail Partnerships Lead shares key challenges and opportunities in omnichannel commerce and divulges secrets high-growth sellers can use.
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Omnichannel retailers report their customers are more engaged and loyal, but sellers who are ready to scale often don’t know where to start. Offering a seamless customer experience across multiple physical and digital channels can seem like an insurmountable task, especially with today’s high consumer expectations.

That’s why e-commerce powerhouses Webgility and Shopify are partnering up to offer a free webinar that reveals key omnichannel commerce strategies to overcome chaos, build brand loyalty, and fuel sales. The event—which takes place May 12, 2021, at 9 a.m. PDT—will feature Sean Buckley, Retail Partnerships Lead at Shopify, and Webgility’s own Anati Zubia, Vice President of Marketing.

“Today’s retail marketplace is changing at breakneck speed,” says Buckley. “Shoppers expect a unified customer journey across channels, but before now, there was no playbook for how to organize your operations and make that happen. We’re excited to deliver that playbook by unveiling the strategies real high-growth Shopify sellers use to stay ahead of the competition.”

Zubia agrees. “What we found is that omnichannel data is a game-changer for these retailers because they can leverage insights to maximize profitability,” she says. “The sheer amount of data gathered from multiple sales channels can seem overwhelming, but it’s all a matter of building the right tech stack—and we’re going to share how.”

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