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WebPersonify will make your websites smarter using personalization features

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OnwardPath is building a new web personalization tool “WebPersonify” that will make websites smarter and will make website personalization easy. WebPersonify is planned to be launched in June 2020 and is now signing up early access users.

Website personalization has become a popular tool of Digital Marketers in the recent times. Earlier the focus has been on driving traffic to websites (SEO) and analyzing the traffic (Website Analytics). Recently the focus has shifted to building features to convert visitors into customers.

Several recent surveys indicate that when personalization is applied in a robust way, enterprises are seeing positive results. A survey of 200 marketing leaders by Forbes Insights and Arm Treasure Data confirmed this. Two in five executives surveyed (40%) report that their customer personalization efforts have had a direct impact on maximizing sales, basket size and profits in direct-to-consumer channels, such as e-commerce, while another 37% point to increased sales and customer lifetime value through product or content recommendations.

NetFlix, YouTube and Amazon observe visitor behavior and recommend relevant content. WebPersonify is promising to build similar capabilities for websites without blowing the IT budget for Small and Medium Business’s.

Pandyan Ramar, CEO of OnwardPath says personalization is a powerful way to connect with the customers and will be an essential feature for websites in 2020. Pandyan Ramar travels across the nation implementing content management solutions and says whenever he presents his personalized debit card at counters in airport or gas stations; he invariably ends up engaging in a football conversation with the person across the counter when they see the Packer Imagery in his debit card. “It is essentially is an ice-breaker and has lead to quite a few memorable conversations” says Pandyan Ramar. The Packer Imagery in his debit card was a result of a personalization program by the bank. OnwardPath assisted this regional bank with building several features to its public website.

Since its inception in 2011, OnwardPath has implemented several public websites and portals for large enterprises using Oracle’s WebCenter product suite. With its expertise in Web Content Management for large enterprises, OnwardPath realized that there are several small and medium businesses’ that will benefit from personalization features if offered at an affordable price. WebPersonify will be available on a monthly subscription price and can be used by Non IT users without any programming or coding.

Digital Marketers and website owners can sign-up for early access of WebPersonify at

About OnwardPath
OnwardPath is an Oracle Gold Partner and Systems Integrator, specialized in Oracle WebCenter – headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin – that helps companies build content management and portal applications using Oracle WebCenter product suite.

With several successful implementations — in many different industries, including banking, high technology, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, retail and public sector — OnwardPath is positioned to deliver complete solutions that bring real business value and accelerate enterprise business strategy.

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