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Weezy, Selects mParticle to Map the Customer Journey

From Bananas and Baby Food to Biscuits and Bubbly: mParticle Customer Data Infrastructure to Support a Rewarding Customer Experience from Order to Delivery
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mParticle, the largest independent Customer Data Platform, today announced that Weezy, a revolutionary grocery service in the UK that delivers quality products in minutes, has selected mParticle as its customer data infrastructure. Weezy will deploy mParticle across its iOS and Android apps to improve customer data quality, connect high-quality data to different tools, and deliver personalized marketing to customers.

With over 2,000 carefully curated products delivered to thousands of customers each day, Weezy needed customer data infrastructure to ensure its marketing tools had consistent data. With mParticle, Weezy can now use its full set of marketing tools with confidence and map out the customer journey more accurately.

“Our mission at Weezy is to introduce people to a better, more convenient way to shop, delivering carefully curated, local groceries – in minutes,” said David Kovacs, Head of Acquisition at Weezy. “We aim to ensure that each piece of communication brings value to our users, and clean data is key for us to take creative interactions with customers to the next level. After a thorough evaluation of the customer data platform market, we selected mParticle as our customer data infrastructure to ensure data quality and power all of the tools we rely on to deliver exceptional service to our customers.”

For a rapidly growing company in a highly competitive market, being able to quickly access high-quality data and understand the customer journey is imperative. mParticle enables Weezy to capture information from all of its customer touchpoints and construct a complete view of its customers while also reducing the amount of time app developers need to spend managing third-party vendor SDKs.

“Customer data infrastructure unlocks a multitude of possibilities across the organization,” said Karen Gallantry, general manager at mParticle. “Everything a team like Weezy does, from marketing to customer interactions via their mobile app, becomes much easier with customer data infrastructure at the foundation. With mParticle, Weezy can ensure the customer experience lives at the heart of its grocery service business.”

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