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Why Context Will ReDefine Content Marketing?

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Explore how Contextual Content Marketing will be ruling the charts of qualitative lead generation for the next decade.

I am sure we all are aware of the term content marketing and what it is. You might also have heard that when it comes to marketing, “Content is the King,” and so you start mastering it, and suddenly a new form of marketing enters and starts pushing the king off its throne, this new form of marketing is context. No.. No… Content marketing is not going anywhere; it is just that context has started leading content marketing strategies. You might be wondering what is context marketing? how is it leading content marketing strategies? So let’s dive in to explore answers to these questions.

The general definition of context marketing is that “Context marketing is the art and science of delivering the right content to the right audience at the right moment.” In this way, context marketing goes beyond content marketing, as it gives more relevance to the piece of educational or useful information published and promoted in the form of contents. Content marketing cannot be successful without context.

In the simplest terms, context marketing is using context in your marketing.

When we think of content marketing, we often misunderstand it as simply ‘good writing’, we completely ignore the context in our strategy. However, a successful content marketing strategy knows the importance of context with every content marketing campaign.

Context is the key to understanding the latest algorithms of Google, the thought process involved behind a search of a user, and how to measure the content you build effectively.

Search engines like Google are essentially a huge knowledge database filled with information that has been gathered from contents published all over the internet. Just try and search for anything that you wish to learn about, for example, if you search about a new recipe to cook chicken, you will get over 900 million results in less than 0.45 seconds. This is the reason you need context in your content to serve your target audience what exactly they want. Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google said that “The perfect search engine understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.” So, creating effective and useful content for your audience, because if you are satisfying the need of the users with great content, means you are helping search engine in reaching its ultimate goal, which further helps in building an online brand name amongst your potential customers.

How context makes content marketing better?

As we have learned that context helps in delivering the right content to the right audience at right time, so it goes without saying that everything starts with the right content. We are sure that you are likely producing great content for your site, but you need to dive deeper in order to ensure that your content is truly speaking to your buyer’s persona, including variations of their desires, taste-buds, and emotions.

In content marketing, the key to successful communication majorly depends on how well content marketers know the audience to whom they are talking, including their lifestyle, needs, motivations, etc. With context-driven content marketing, you need to go a bit deeper to not just connect with your audience, but also to engage and influence them.

Last but not least part, where context helps content marketing is selecting the right time to publish and engage with customers. With content marketing, it is difficult to determine the exact right time to engage with the audience, but with context marketing, you can home in on your potential consumers at the exact moments when they will likely be most interested in your messages.


The context might have drawn the attention of marketers in recent times but it is not at all a new factor, it has always been an integral part of the content marketing strategy. Without it, your content will lose the power to lead, attract, and influence the audience. So work on sketching context-driven content marketing strategy.

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