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WIMI launches smart decision system on blockchain


WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) (“WiMi” or the “Company”), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that intelligent interconnected decision-making system based on blockchain technology is a system based on blockchain technology. The system achieves data decentralization and security by storing various data and information on the blockchain. At the same time, through the application of smart contracts and intelligent algorithms, the system is able to automatically execute decisions and make corresponding adjustments and optimizations. Its core features mainly include decentralization, smart contracts, smart algorithms, data sharing and interconnectivity.

The application of blockchain technology allows the data and information in the system to be stored in multiple nodes in a distributed manner, avoiding the risk of a single point of failure and data tampering. At the same time, the security and integrity of the data are ensured by encryption algorithms, digital signatures and other technologies. It realizes trusted sharing and secure storage of data, protects user privacy and ensures data integrity. The smart contracts and smart algorithms in the system can automatically execute decisions according to preset rules and conditions, and make adjustments and optimizations based on real-time data and information, which makes the execution of decisions more efficient and accurate. In addition, the application of blockchain technology enables the various participants in the system to share data and information, and interconnect and interact with each other through smart contracts. In this way, the decisions of different participants can be influenced and coordinated with each other to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency.

The decentralization, security and transparency features of blockchain technology make it an ideal choice for building intelligent interconnected decision-making systems. Through blockchain technology, the intelligent interconnected decision-making system can realize trusted sharing and secure storage of data, protect user privacy and ensure data integrity. At the same time, blockchain technology can also realize the automatic execution of smart contracts, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the decision-making system.

The intelligent interconnected decision-making system based on blockchain technology makes use of blockchain’s decentralization, transparency and non-tamperability to ensure that the decision-making data is safe and trustworthy. At the same time, combined with the intelligent, personalized and scalable features of the intelligent decision-making system, the system will be able to automatically analyze complex data and quickly adapt to the needs of different fields and industries, improving the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making. With the continuous maturity of technology and the establishment of an open ecosystem, the system will play an important role in many fields, such as supply chain, finance, and the Internet of Things, to promote the prosperity and development of the digital economy. For example, in terms of supply chain management, it can help enterprises achieve real-time supply chain data tracking and analysis to optimize the operational efficiency of the supply chain. In the field of financial risk control, the system can help financial institutions identify risks and make corresponding decisions by analyzing a large amount of financial data. In the field of Internet of Things (IoT), the system can realize data sharing and collaborative decision-making between devices, and enhance the intelligence level of IoT systems.

The blockchain-based intelligent interconnected decision-making system integrates the decentralized trust mechanism of blockchain with the deep insights of artificial intelligence, and is driving the future innovation of decision-making science. This technology breaks down information barriers through cross-chain interoperability, and smart contracts realize automated decision execution while strengthening data security and privacy protection to build a more efficient, transparent, and secure decision-making ecosystem.

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