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Wishpond Launches New Website Builder

Wishpond's all-new, marketing-first, Website Builder, makes it easy for small businesses to create high-quality, marketing-optimized websites incorporated with a full suite of marketing tools and integrated with Wishpond's complete software solution.
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Wishpond Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: WISH) (OTCQX: WPNDF) (“Wishpond” or the “Company“), a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new Website Builder product. Every element of this ground-breaking Website Builder has been designed to help businesses generate leads and sales. Unlike other website builders, businesses get access to all of the powerful marketing and lead generation tools they need right out of the box. The Website Builder puts business growth at the forefront, allowing businesses to achieve more from a single platform.  The Website Builder is a significant product release for Wishpond as it increases customer retention, reduces churn, and increases customer satisfaction.

Jordan Gutierrez, COO of Wishpond commented, “Wishpond’s new Website Builder is not like other comparable products. This is a website builder that is designed from the ground up to help businesses generate leads and sales, as opposed to other tools where those are afterthoughts. With other website builders, you need a ton of work and pay for extra systems to get the marketing functionality that Wishpond offers out of the box. Businesses can now use Wishpond to build their website and manage all of their marketing campaigns, under one roof. “

The Website Builder is equipped and integrated with all of the marketing tools needed to grow a business and increase online sales. This includes lead tracking and segmentation tools, personalization abilities, advanced forms and pop-ups, integration with Wishpond’s email marketing tool, referral marketing, calendar functionality, popups, and more. Businesses can use the Website Builder to create social contests or referral campaigns to generate leads, and a convenient appointments widget that connects to Google Calendar makes it easy to schedule meetings.

Thanks to the user-friendly platform, businesses can create and publish powerful, marketing-optimized websites without needing any web design or coding experience. As a developer of cutting-edge online marketing software solutions, the Website Builder integrates with Wishpond’s complete software suite to give businesses all the tools they need to develop an impressive online marketing presence through a single platform.

The Website Builder gives users access to pre-built and optimized-for-marketing templates that can be easily customized with a drag-and-drop editor. Each web page is optimized for all devices with just one click. This allows almost anyone to effortlessly build a high-performance website with complete marketing functionality.

Wishpond’s payment integration allows users to add a “buy” button to their websites and booking calendars to receive one-time payments or provide subscription-based services.  These features all integrate with Wishpond’s Leads Database, allowing businesses to track and score all their leads. Businesses can analyze lead behavior, see what users do and where they converted to maximize the value from each visitor. The Website Builder also works with Wishpond’s powerful Email Marketing tool to send newsletters or set up sales automation emails and workflows. Businesses get everything they need to build and promote their online presence as they grow, all in one convenient platform.

“Wishpond’s Website Builder is incredibly easy to use. We used it to set up our website from scratch, which we could add forms, popups, and more to. We run our email marketing from the same platform. All of the marketing functions included in the Website Builder make it a lot easier to grow our business. Otherwise, we would have had to subscribe to these different tools separately, which would have been expensive and tricky to manage.” said a Wishpond user.

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