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Wix Announces Integration with Meta

New integration will provide a central place for businesses to manage all their customer interactions across their social platforms with their website
Wix Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, today announced expanded integrations with WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger where Wix users can now connect their business accounts directly with their Wix Inbox. By integrating these channels, business owners can more efficiently manage all communication and interactions with their customers from one inbox in one place.

The Wix Inbox is designed to help business owners save time while providing the opportunity to easily create, strengthen, and personalize relationships with their customers. With the expanded social integrations, users receive streamlined communication to one inbox and can reply to all customer messages straight from the Wix dashboard. Wix’s built-in messaging experience allows business owners to utilize their existing assets to not only reply, but also extend their business communication on these channels to include product suggestions, offer coupons, and create auto replies.

“We’re always seeking new ways to provide business owners with every tool they need to be successful in their ventures,” said Ronny Elkayam, SVP, Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products at Wix. “Integrating these top messaging platforms to the Wix Inbox will streamline communication and help business owners be more efficient. This direct and quick communication builds trust and will ultimately grow customer loyalty and retention. We look forward to continuing to grow multi-channel communication to support businesses as they grow and serve more customers.”

“Today more than one billion users are connecting with a business account each week across WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Businesses need an easy and streamlined way of managing these interactions across the entire customer journey – from marketing, sales and support outcomes – and we’re excited to work with Wix on their new Inbox solution that will now integrate with all of Meta’s top messaging platforms,” said Kyle Jenke, Business Messaging Director of Partnerships at Meta.

Wix Inbox is a CRM messaging tool that allows users to view and respond to messages from many different channels including Wix Chat on the Wix website, email, SMS and now, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger business pages. Users can also initiate chats with live site visitors and reach out to anyone in their contact list. They can send visitors attachments, coupons, payment requests and links to their products and services. Wix Inbox empowers businesses built on Wix with a seamlessly integrated and fully extendible CRM platform to serve their growing needs.

The Wix CRM team is currently working on adding more channels and integrations to the Wix Inbox capabilities. This will allow third parties to add more channels to the communication integrations, and will be seamlessly integrated into one multichannel communications inbox.

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