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Wix Launches AI-Powered Image Enhancement and Creation Tools

The new AI-powered tools include a new image generator, an object eraser, and an image editor with the ability to add and replace objects, empowering users to level up their site's visual content
AI-Powered Ltd., the leading SaaS website builder platform to create, manage, and grow a global, digital presence, announced the launch of three new AI-powered image enhancement and creation tools to help users create and display high-quality images that improve, customize and personalize visual content to their specific needs.

The new tools, comprising the AI Image Creator, the Object Eraser, and the AI Image Editor, signify a significant leap forward in user-centric design, ensuring that AI technology is tailored to users’ needs. These additions enhance Wix’s already impressive suite of AI features, which are designed to address common challenges faced by users when building their websites. Moreover, users can harness the power of the Wix platform alongside the AI Website Builder, revolutionizing the process of creating and managing their online presence.

AI Image Creator
Powered by, the enhanced AI Image Creator uses AI-assisted image generation to create high-quality images. By using a text-to-image request prompt to describe the desired image, AI creates images in various styles for the user to choose from, reducing the time and cost of creating the wanted image. These styles include photo, image, painting, cartoon, sketch, and more, and are optimized for website-building use cases.

Object Eraser
The new Object Eraser uses AI to deliver the next level of image quality for users. The tool enables users to erase unwanted objects in their image easily, without using a prompt. This helps users modify their images to create the desired visuals without needing professional photo editing skills.

AI Image Editor 
Users can now use prompts to add/or replace an image, or a portion of it, with the AI Image Editor. For example, a user can highlight a table in an image and instruct the tool through a prompt to change it from wood to look like marble and it automatically changes it. This AI-powered tool makes it easier for users to have high-quality images that match their intended aesthetic.

“These AI-powered features underscore our commitment to providing users with powerful tools that simplify the website creation process while ensuring professional-quality results,” said Ido Kosover, Head of Media at Wix. “We understand the challenges users face when building their websites and creating images to match their desired visions. By harnessing the power of AI, we’re not only bringing users to the next level of quality but also potentially saving them from the hassle and expense of hiring professional photo editors. Moreover, users don’t need to leave the platform; they can edit their images professionally right within it. We’ll continue to bring new features to the market to help users with AI-powered image enhancement tools.”

Wix has a long-standing relationship with AI and has consistently improved and expanded its AI offerings, empowering users to expand their businesses and achieve success by harnessing its benefits. This offering joins Wix’s available AI-powered features for web creation, contributing to Wix’s dedication to maximizing the potential of AI in web development.

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