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Wizeline Introduces Generative AI Offerings

Customized offerings empower businesses to increase operational efficiency, accelerate content creation, personalization and product development, and enhance financial and business analysis at scale

Wizeline, an AI-focused digital services provider that builds modern, scalable products and platforms, announced today the creation of its generative AI services to help businesses scale rapid content creation, personalize customer experiences, and streamline creative and product development processes. The generative AI market is projected to grow from $11.3B in 2023 to $51.8B by 2028, creating a new level of disruption across all industries and leading to a complete business-model transformation. Wizeline’s new offering expands the company’s suite of data and AI services to help businesses understand how generative AI will impact their organization and industry, and what strategic initiatives will help them gain a competitive advantage.

“We’re already seeing a lot of exciting opportunities to create value for our customers using generative AI to enhance business processes and elevate the digital customer experience; our team of data and AI experts has designed a variety of use cases based on the most in-demand technologies,” said Aníbal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer at Wizeline. “We are entering the next industrial revolution, radically changing the way we live and work at an unprecedented pace; we are partnering with our customers to help them overcome challenges and capture immense opportunities, transforming their business and processes by adopting an AI-Native mindset.”

Wizeline productizes generative AI for integration with enterprise technologies to elevate the customer experience with personalized content generation solutions for imaging, video, and extended reality, and enhance operational performance with improved product design and development, lifecycle automation and business process optimization. Businesses can use these solutions to increase developer productivity, reduce costs and accelerate time to value.

“The potential for businesses to leverage generative AI to increase the productivity of knowledge workers is unlike anything we’ve seen before in the digital space,” continued Abarca. “With the right implementation partner, organizations can gain a competitive advantage right now by investing in AI technologies that enable them to transform their brands with scalable, hyper-personalized experiences.”

As a digitally native company focused on modernizing products and processes, Wizeline has a proven track record of helping global organizations adopt the latest technologies to quickly and seamlessly implement future-fit digital solutions that promote scalability, operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience and accelerate time to value.

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