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Wondershare hosted the inaugural “Next Level Creativity” event

Wondershare's first offline event fosters the creative industry by providing an open space to network and exchange ideas.

Wondershare, a digital creativity software company, made empowering people entering the creator economy a top priority in 2022. That’s why on Aug 25, 2022, Wondershare hosted the inaugural “Next Level Creativity” event. Keynote speakers at the event included Sean Tyson, CEO of Quietly Media and Jennifer Nguyen, HR Recruitment Consultant.

“Next Level Creativity” took place at Wondershare’s spacious Canada office in fast-growing Burnaby, BC. More than 30 creatives — designers, video producers, copywriters, and marketers — attended the event to take action, explore new opportunities, and network with fellow creatives.

Whether through developing affordable and easy-to-use tools, encouraging action by hosting regular creative challenges or hosting live events with keynote speakers and networking, Wondershare is here to help all creators level up.

From 2020 to 2021, the number of creators increased by 48 percent as reported by Stripe. However, content creation is not a straight path. Those entering the industry will experience new challenges: learning new tools and platforms, consistently publishing and finding a community of peers.

“When we think about taking action or taking inspired action, we think it may be really really big,” said Nguyen. “Like oh my gosh, how will I do that, it’s really scary. But inspired action can be really small, like asking your favorite creator to go for coffee.”

With the growing demand for content, there are many routes creatives can take on their journey to monetize their work. For many years, brands have been moving away from advertisements and are relying more on creators to share their messages and stories. In addition to ads from YouTube or other social platforms, working with brands is another area they should explore.

“Advertising created brand consciousness by telling narratives and telling larger-than-life stories,” said Tyson. “The caveat here is that the trust in advertising started to decrease significantly. And for the most part, people became allergic to ads.” #adlergic

Tyson continued: “Within the wide world of brand, marketing and communication, I believe one of the primary drivers of “creativity” is branded content. And that’s because I believe all brands are acting like publishers.”

By hosting Next Level Creativity, Wondershare established an environment where creatives can come together and support one another, whether it be through new opportunities or collaborating to solve common problems. In 2022, ConvertKit reports that 61 percent of creators are facing burnout. Content creation can be a lonely pursuit and making money from it is a grind.

“Burnout and blocks are part of the creative journey,” said Shaan Jahagirdar, Chief Design Officer of Wondershare. “Rather than dwell on these, the sooner you embrace them, the better. [To deal with blocks,] I discuss with my team or close friends to see if I can find any fresh perspective or have overlooked any gap.”

Having a community of dedicated creatives to share experiences, advice, and ideas allow all of them to grow and reach the next level of the creator economy. Whether they are learning new tools, trying to find new jobs, or building a personal brand, Wondershare is only getting started in supplying everything one needs to be a successful creator.

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