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Wondershare Virbo unveils New Features


Wondershare Virbo, the leading AI avatar video creation platform, has unveiled new features aimed at simplifying the production of captivating and lifelike avatar videos. The updates encompass Talking Photo, AI Video Translation, and Speech to Video.

Dour Dou, Virbo’s Product Director, remarked, “Since our launch, we have diligently heeded user feedback to shape Virbo’s roadmap, with the aim of enhancing accessibility to AI technology and streamlining the video creation process.”

  • Virbo’s advanced neural rendering technology effortlessly transforms images into realistic talking avatars, offering a simple solution for businesses, content creators, and users to give a voice to their message.
  • AI Video Translation feature detects and translates voiceovers in videos into different languages. Users upload a video and choose the target language, and Virbo’s AI synchronizes the dubbing, eliminating the need for expensive manual overdubs and expanding the global reach of videos.
  • Speech to Video feature enabling avatar creation directly from audio files. Users can upload or record a voiceover script, and Virbo’s AI will generate a video with the selected avatar delivering the speech. This accelerates the creation of engaging spokesperson videos while adding a personal touch.
  • Virbo’s web experience received a complete overhaul focusing on simplicity and flexibility. Users can easily create avatar videos on the web with a massive template library and advanced editor.

Compatibility and Price                                                                 

Wondershare Virbo is compatible with Web, iOS, Android and Desktop, with pricing starts at $19.9 for a monthly subscription. For free trials and downloads, please visit our official website or app store. Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to learn more about Virbo.

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