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X-Mode Acquires Location Data Assets from Location Sciences

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X-Mode a leading global provider of location data, today announced it has acquired the location data assets of UK-based Location Sciences

X-Mode a leading provider of location data worldwide, today announced it has acquired the location data assets of UK-based Location Sciences martech news. Because of the acquisition, X-Mode is now the largest provider of GDPR compliant location in the UK and a Top provider in the European Union (EU).

As a result of the deal, X-Mode will offer the UK and EU with data that is compliant with GDPR regulations including proper consent from individuals martech. X-Mode’s data is derived from SDK driven, opt-in sources that are void of the low-quality bidsteam data that had been pervasive in the market.

Josh Anton, CEO of X-Mode stated that “This is a very strategic and timely deal for X-Mode today and in the future. As a result of recent regulation in the US and the UK, the volume of quality location data is shrinking due to the inability to get consent at scale from traditional location data sources, such as bidstream data and ad-based SDK data. We are very eager to serve the UK and the greater European Union as the leader in the space with the highest quality data available.”

The X-Mode and Location Services agreement will also allow each company to broaden its reach into new territories including the Asia Pacific region iot security market. Collectively they will continue pushing the industry towards providing markets with high-quality location data and best-in-class data science and analytics.

David Rae, Commercial Director and Chief Financial Officer of Location Sciences said that “We are delighted to enter into this global data partnership with the preeminent location data provider – X-Mode.  The combination of their unrivaled quality location data and our powerful data science team and products will serve as a great marriage between us. This is the start of a new journey for both of us as we leverage the strengths and leadership of both companies, we will be able to expand our customer base in the UK and globally.”


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