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Xactly Unveils Extensibility to Sales Performance Management

Xactly, a Sales Performance Management leader releases major AI developments to drive collaboration and optimize sales planning
SPM Platform

Xactly, the leader in cloud-based sales performance management (SPM) software, today announced a major enhancement to its SPM Platform, Xactly Forms. This new product makes interactive forms and logic to drive collaboration and data input across business processes. This announcement comes on the heels of AI capabilities that were rolled out in June to predict ramp, quota, and seasonality. Together, these upgrades represent the company’s commitment to extend the capabilities of its SPM platform while also empowering enterprises to optimize their sales organizations with the power of AI.

Xactly sources user-defined historical data to illuminate organizational patterns in sales, bookings, and employee attrition, giving sales leaders accurate insight into the back and forth of their sales activities and workforce. The new capabilities in the product predict factors that affect seasonality, such as headcount, new hire ramp-up, and early-stage quota-setting to allow align planning with broader business objectives. Customers can leverage these predictive capabilities, tailor them to their needs, and break down planning by territory and information type.

Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research said that “Enterprises today need game-changing technology to accelerate growth. Over half of organizations are struggling with scattered and incomplete sales information inhibiting them from effectively undertaking core planning processes across the capacity, quotas, resources, and territories.”

Arnab Mishra, Chief Product Officer, Xactly stated that “With these enhancements, we are making it possible for sales leaders to understand key patterns so they can adjust headcount, quotas, and territories. It’s a turnkey solution for optimal productivity, better sales behaviors, and more flexibility for managers to offer additional incentives on a discretionary basis. We continue to be the only SPM company that is focused on building additional enhancements to empower our customers to grow intelligently and win against their competition.”

For a deeper understanding of how Sales Performance Management is changing the industry, join Xactly at its upcoming user conference, Xactly Unleashed. This year’s speakers include some of the industry’s foremost experts on sales performance and customers who will discuss the role of sales planning in their organization. Xactly Unleashed will take place from October 21-22 at the Ham Yard Hotel in London.

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