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XCentium Launches Facebook Plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce

XCentium’s Facebook Plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce enables global ecommerce pursuits on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
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XCentium, an award-winning digital consultancy, announced today that they have created and launched a Facebook plugin for Sitecore® Experience Commerce™, enabling customers to feature products in ads and sell products on three of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

XCentium’s new plugin integrates with the Facebook’s graph API and uploads products from a client’s Sitecore Experience Commerce catalog to the catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager, which is a set of tools that can help clients sell products, manage inventory and fulfill orders for your business across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

XCentium’s Facebook plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce enables marketers to:

  • Create Dynamic Ads: Reach potential customers with personalized ads that are automatically created to include the products they’ve shown an interest in or are most likely to buy.
  • Drive Website Traffic: Entice more users to view products on your website or mobile app by creating an ad campaign with a traffic objective.
  • Shop Via Instagram: Feature your products directly on Instagram by tagging products in your posts and stories.
  • Shop Via Facebook: Make it convenient for prospective customers to buy your products directly on Facebook (US only), message your page with questions and purchases on Messenger or buy on your website as normal.
  • Sell products on WhatsApp: Use this plugin to reach millions of users around the world on the second most popular social media app.

“What could be more exciting for a marketer than advertising your products on a platform that has 1.6 billion users on it? XCentium’s new plugin enables Sitecore Experience Commerce to integrate with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,” shares Kautilya Prasad, Director of Commerce at XCentium and Sitecore Commerce MVP. “Marketers are now able to upload their catalog on Facebook Commerce Manager to run campaigns, drive traffic to their website and market to various sections of users on these trusted platforms. Facebook Marketing API also comes with a built-in analytics engine, which provides insights enabling clients to make data driven decisions. Business users are now able advertise products on Facebook, Instagram stories and feed, as well as WhatsApp martech news.”

“XCentium continues to lead efforts that allow our clients on Sitecore Experience Commerce to expand into new markets and test different channels,” shares Phil Bui, Vice President of Commerce at XCentium. “This latest plugin makes easy work of creating campaigns from your own Sitecore Experience Commerce catalog onto the world’s largest social platforms. Plugins such as these enable our clients to pursue and explore core business strengths rather than expend resources on integration mechanics.”

Clients who are interested in learning how they can enable their commerce store on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as part of their Sitecore Experience Commerce strategy are encouraged to contact XCentium directly. In the future, XCentium will be releasing this Sitecore Experience Commerce Facebook plugin on GitHub. If developers would like early access to this plugin in exchange for feedback on ways to develop it further, contact XCentium at

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